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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 399 pages of information about Analyzing Character.

               Keen Observation
               Fine Appreciation of Form, Color, Proportion
INTELLECTUAL Concentration
               Constructive Ability
               Mental Industry
               Mastery of Detail
               Artistic Sense

               Love of Truth
EMOTIONAL Love of Beauty

VOLITIONAL Perseverance
               Capacity for Taking Pains


               Nerve Control
PHYSICAL Endurance
               Strength, Energy
               Activity, Agility

               Keen Observation, Quick Thought
               Appreciation of Weight, Size, Distance, Location
               Practical Judgment
               Knowledge of Human Nature

               Ambition, Love of Applause
EMOTIONAL Enthusiasm
               Loyalty, Obedience
               Self Confidence
               Self Control

VOLITIONAL Aggressiveness


PHYSICAL Endurance

               Keen Observation, Philosophy
               Reason, Judgment
               Criticism, Memory
               Language, Analysis
INTELLECTUAL Knowledge of Human Nature
               Knowledge of Life
               Originality, Constructiveness
               Sense of Humor
               Artistic Sense

               Love of Truth
               Strong Convictions
EMOTIONAL Love of Beauty
               Courage (Not Easily Discouraged)

               Industry, Perseverance
VOLITIONAL Accuracy, Patience
               Capacity for Drudgery


PHYSICAL Endurance
               Medium Fine to Fine Texture

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