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Other things being equal, the small man is more excitable and becomes angry more easily than the large man.  He also cools down more quickly.  When the huge bulk of the big man becomes thoroughly aroused, thoroughly wrought up, it is time to get out of the way and stand from under.


Hall Caine, the novelist, has an immense head, a slender jaw, and a small, fragile body.  James J. Jeffries, the pugilist, has a comparatively small head, a large jaw, and huge bones and muscles.  Ex-President Taft has a comparatively small head, round face, round body, round arms and legs.  These are differences in structure.

Hall Caine is of the mental type.  He is by nature unfitted to be either a pugilist, a hammer-thrower, an explorer, a banker, or a judge.  He is, however, pre-eminently fitted to dream dreams of truth and beauty, to construct those dreams into stories and plays.  James J. Jeffries is by nature and physique fitted for the trade of boiler-maker, for the sport of pugilism, and for physical and manual accomplishment in general.  Ex-President Taft is by nature and physique fitted to sit quietly in a big chair and direct the work of others, to administer affairs, to sit upon the bench and weigh impartially causes of dispute between his fellow men.  As you see, these three are our old friends, the physically frail, the man of bone and muscle, and the fat man.

The assignment of vocation according to structure is but common sense.  The dreamer has too slender a body for manual labor and is both too nervous and too impatient of confinement to sit in an easy chair or on the bench.  The big, corpulent man enjoys the good things of life.  He is well nourished and free from anxiety.  He is, therefore, especially well fitted to judge calmly, deliberately and impartially.  The man of bone and muscle is too busy with his physical activities for dreams and too impatient of confinement to sit in an easy chair or on the bench.


Men also differ from one another very markedly in texture.  This is easily observable in the texture of hair, skin, features, general body build, hands and feet.  According to Prof.  Ernst Haeckel, the skin is the first and oldest sense organ.  Indeed, all the other sense organs and the nervous system and brain which have evolved in the use of them, are simply inturned and specialized skin cells.  This being true, the texture of the entire organism, and especially the brain and nervous system, is accurately indicated by the texture of the skin and its appendages, the hair and nails.

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