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Color has its commercial application.  The active, restless, aggressive, variety-loving blonde is found in large proportions amongst speculators, promoters, organizers, advertising men, traveling salesmen; while the more stable and constant brunette predominates amongst the plodders, the planners, the scientists, the administrators, and the conservators.  Even the poets bring out the difference.  They sing of the fickle, light-hearted coquette with golden hair and azure eyes, and of the faithful, constant, true, undying affection of the lady with soft, brown eyes.


The second variable—­Form—­refers to form of face and features as seen in profile.  The sharp face, with the long, pointed nose, prominent eyes, retreating forehead, prominent teeth and retreating chin, is the extreme convex form.  The hammock-shaped face, with high, prominent forehead, flat brows, deep-set eyes, small snubbed or sway-back nose, retreating teeth and long, prominent chin, is the extreme concave in form of profile.

It would involve much dry, technical writing to explain in detail the scientific reasons why the extreme convex in profile indicates extreme energy, quickness, impatience, impulsiveness, keenness and alertness of intellect, and great rapidity in action.  The large nose, high in the bridge, however, indicating, as you have already seen, great energy, is one of the scientific reasons for this.  In a similar way it would take me too long to tell in detail why the extreme concave of profile indicates just the opposite qualities.

It is a scientific fact that that which is sharp is penetrating and moves quickly; that which is blunt is non-penetrating and of necessity moves slowly.  The needle darts through the cloth more quickly than the bodkin.  The greyhound is swifter than the bulldog.  The stiletto does quicker work than the bludgeon.  This, of course, is only a symbolism which may make vivid the truth that the convex man works more rapidly than the concave.

In commercial work, the man who is successful in positions requiring quick decision and quick action has a convex profile, while the man whose duties call for patience, deliberation, reflection, and the ability to plod should have some modification of the concave form of profile.


It is an old saying that large bodies move slowly.  It would be more scientifically correct to say that large bodies get under way slowly.  Difference in physical size between men is important in many ways.  If, as William James says, “the causes of emotion are indubitably physiological,” then the smaller the physical bulk which must be affected in order to have an intense emotion, the more quickly and easily is that intense emotion aroused.

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