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Some years ago we saw a huge mob surround a building in which a political speaker was trying to talk upon an unpopular subject.  The longer the mob remained waiting for their victim to come out, the more violent and the more abusive it became.  There was an angry hum, sounding above the occasional cries and shouts, which betokened trouble.  Presently a large man scrambled upon the pedestal of a statue in front of the building and began to harangue the crowd.  He argued with them, he pleaded with them, he threatened them, he tried to cajole them.  But through it all he could scarcely make himself heard and the mob remained solidly packed about the door.  Then the police were brought and attempted to force a passageway for the escape of the speaker, whose address inside the building was nearing a close.  But the police were powerless and some of them were badly hurt.

Then a quiet little man came down the steps of the building.  He was dressed in ordinary clothing and was unarmed.  His open hands hung idly at his side.  He stood near the bottom step, where he could just look over the heads of the crowd.  He stood perfectly still, perfectly calm, and yet with a look of such iron resolution on his countenance as we have seldom seen.  Those next him grew strangely quiet.  Then the semi-circle of silence spread until the entire mob stood as if holding its breath waiting to see what this man would do.

“Make a passageway there,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice; “there is a carriage coming through.”

Instantly the crowd parted, a carriage was driven up to the steps, the speaker came down and entered it, and it was driven rapidly away, followed only by a few hisses and cat-calls.

When all is said and done, that is the spirit which secures the decision and action of others.



Marshall Nyall was an excellent workman.  He was keen, quick of comprehension, practical in his judgment, and unusually resourceful.  He was energetic, industrious, and skillful.  Being blessed with considerable idealism, he took pride and pleasure in putting a fine artistic finish on everything he did.  He studied his work in all its aspects and was alert in finding ways of saving time, materials, energy, and money.  He was, therefore, personally efficient.  As an employee of the Swift Motor Company, he rose rapidly until he became superintendent.  In that position he made a good record.  So valuable was he that the White Rapids Motor Company coveted him and its president and general manager began to lay plans to entice him away.  Negotiations were begun and continued over a period of weeks.  Larger and larger grew the inducements offered by the White Rapids Motor Company until, finally, Nyall’s employers felt that they could not afford to meet them any longer, and this highly efficient man became works manager for the White Rapids Motor Company, at a very greatly increased salary.

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