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The indications of a positive, aggressive, dominating will are these:  blonde color; prominent chin; a large, bony nose, high in the bridge; high forehead, prominent at the brows and retreating as it rises; medium or small size; medium fine, medium or coarse texture; hard consistency, rigid joints; a head wide just above and also behind the ears and high in the crown; a keen, penetrating, intense expression of the eyes, and positive, decided tones of voice, movements and gestures.

The individual who is negatively stubborn may have a small or sway-back nose; may have a high forehead, flat at the brows and prominent above; may have elastic or soft consistency; may have a head narrow above and behind the ears.  Obstinacy will be shown in the length of line from the point of chin to the crown of head and in the rigidity of the joints of the hands and fingers.


The gentleman mentioned at the opening of this chapter belongs to the indecisive class.  They are like those of whom we sing in the old hymn: 

“But timorous mortals start and shrink
To cross that narrow sea
  And linger, shivering, on the brink
  And fear to launch away.”

We have often watched boys in swimming.  In every crowd there are always a few of these timorous mortals who “shiver on the brink and fear to launch away.”  As a general rule, some of their companions usually come up behind them and give them a strong push, after which they are pleased and happy enough in the water.  We have seen boys who seemed to be waiting for someone to push them in.  No doubt they were.  Certain it is that grown up men and women who suffer in an agony of indecision usually like to have someone take the matter out of their hands.

In the case of the gentleman to whom we have referred in the opening of this chapter, the real estate agent one day walked into his office, laid a contract down on the desk in front of him, and said, very impressively:  “This thing has got to be settled up to-day.  Just sign your name right there.”  And, with a feeling of intense relief and satisfaction, our friend did sign his name “right there.”  To the best of our knowledge and belief, he has been glad of it ever since.


We once knew a salesman of the positive, domineering type.  He was selling an educational work.  Now, education is a thing everyone needs but few will take the trouble and find the money to purchase unless they are very strongly persuaded.  Men who would readily spend fifty or seventy-five dollars for a night’s carousal will hesitate, and find objections, and back and fill for weeks, or even for months, before they spend thirty or forty dollars on a bit of education which they well know they ought to have.  Our friend, therefore, was met over and over again with

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