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Date of Birth—­March 19, 1891. 
Color—­Eyes, medium; hair, skin and beard, slightly brunette. 
Form—­Forehead, eyes, mouth and chin, plane; nose, strongly convex. 
Height—­5 ft. 9 1/2 in. 
Weight—­145 lbs. 
Build—­Square-shouldered, bony and muscular; lacking somewhat in
Consistency of Flesh—­Hard-elastic. 
Flexibility of Joints—­Rigid-elastic. 
Long trunk, short legs. 
Nose section, of face predominates, chin a close second, mouth third. 
High, wide, long, medium-square head. 
Middle division of cranium predominates, top second, base third. 
Crown section of cranium largest; front section, second; back section,
third; temporal, fourth. 
Square forehead, medium wide, more prominent at the brows than above. 
Expression somewhat grim. 
Health good; body, clothes, hands and mouth clean and in good condition. 
Hands square. 
Fingers medium long, with square tips, well-rounded, sensitive
pads and short nails. 
Thumbs long and set low on hand.

The information as to the other four subjects was similar in character.  One of these charts was then sent to Mr. G.C.  B——­, another to Mr. C.F.R——­, another to Miss E.W.R——­, another to Mrs. A.W——­, and the fifth to Miss M.O.P——­, students of this science—­two of them having studied it less than one year.  Each analyst was asked to make his analysis according to a definite plan, so that the results could be definitely compared.  These results are shown in the table on pages 356 and 357.

Herein is the true answer to the serious question with which we opened this chapter.  Whether or not reliable analyses can be made by the observation of physical characteristics is no longer debatable.

Such analyses are being made.

[Transcribers Note:  Key to Analyst list of Chart is as follows: 

1-Practical or Impractical 2-Mild or Aggressive 3-Quick or Slow 4-Active or Inactive 5-Responsive or Indifferent 6-Variable or Constant 7-Energetic or Lazy 8-Dependable or Irresponsible 9-Speculative or Conservative 10-Ambitious or Unambitious 11-Social or Unsocial 12-Honest or Dishonest 13-Skillful or Awkward 14-General or Detail 15-Determined or Indecisive 16-Courageous or Fearful 17-Mechanical 18-Professional 19-Commercial 20-Artistic Ticks replaced with / symbol]


Subject Number One
                          1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Analyst 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Vocation
                                                First Second Third
                                                Choice Choice Choice
G.C.B.  I M S A R C E D C A U H S D I F / Clerical Sell. 

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