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9.  Upon request of the general manager or any other executive in the organization, the employment supervisor may furnish complete information as to any employee in the organization when that information is legitimately required.  Oftentimes, also, there will be a call made upon the employment department for some one with special ability to undertake a certain task.  It may be that the employment department has had under its observation for months or even years some man already in the employ of the company who will exactly fill the new position or the vacancy just created.  Or it may be that, upon consultation of the records, the employment department will find just the man it is looking for.  In case neither of these things happen, then the right man may be found listed and described in the reserve file.


10.  When a foreman or other executive can no longer use any man in his employ, he does not discharge him, but sends him instead to the employment department with a report and recommendation.  Oftentimes the employment supervisor or his assistant can adjust the matter and return the man to his position, better fitted than ever to perform his task.  It may be that the executive and not the employee is at fault.  On the other hand, it is often the case that the employment department can take the man so returned and place him in another department, where he will be happy and efficient.  It may be that the work that he has been doing is suited to him, but that his executive is not the right kind of personality for him.  Whatever the employment department finds in regard to the man, action is taken in accordance therewith.  In case there is real cause for it, the employee is paid off and dropped from the rolls of the company.


11.  Owing to his peculiar knowledge of human nature, it is often possible for the employment supervisor or his assistant to aid executives in discipline in their several departments.  It has been our experience that an efficient employment department is not in existence very long before many executives begin to come in for consultation and to ask the employment supervisor or his assistant what course to pursue in reference to some particular man or some particular set of circumstances.  This has been found to be one of the most valuable functions of an employment department.


12.  Also because of his expert knowledge of human nature, the employment supervisor or his assistant is often called upon to adjudicate between executives, between fellow-employees or between an executive and his subordinate.  Disputes and differences of opinion usually arise because people fail to understand each other.  The employment supervisor, understanding both parties in the quarrel, is usually able to point out some basis of amicable adjustment and the restoration of friendly relationship.

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