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3.  Employees in the organization at the time of the installation of the employment department are analyzed as opportunity offers.  In this way the supervisor determines whether or not they are well placed as they are, or whether they have talent and abilities which would make them far more valuable in some other part of the institution.  The analysis of each employee is made out either completely and in detail or in a general way, according to his importance, his future possibilities, his probable length of service with the institution, and other conditions.  Clearly a great deal more time would be spent and a great deal more careful analysis made in the case of an important executive, than in the case of a day laborer engaged as a member of a temporary shoveling gang.

These analyses, after having been written out, are filed in folders.  Each employee has a folder of his own, and in this are placed not only his analysis, but a sheet for the keeping of his record and all letters and papers referring to him.


4.  Inasmuch as every live organization is always growing and, therefore, taking on new employees, and inasmuch, also, as there is a state of flux in every organization, vacancies occurring for one reason or another, it is a function of the employment department to secure as many of the most desirable applicants possible for all of the positions in the enterprise.  Some of these applicants come to the employment department in the natural course of events, others come as the result of advertisements; still others because the employment supervisor and his assistant take means to ferret them out and send for them.  Promising young men in schools and colleges and in the employ, perhaps, of other organizations are kept under careful observation.  Data in regard to them is listed in the reserve file, and their records, as they come in various ways to the employment supervisor, are filed with them.

5.  Applicants having been secured in these ways, the next step is carefully to analyze them.  Under ideal conditions this analysis is made by observation, unknown to the applicant, during a pleasant interview.  He may be asked certain questions, not chiefly for the sake of bringing out direct information, but for the sake of observing the effects of the interrogations upon him.

In some large organizations, in the rush season, 100 new employees may be added every day.  In order to select this number, perhaps several hundred applicants may be interviewed.  Obviously, a detailed and thorough analysis of each cannot be made.  Under such conditions, however, the work is usually of such a character that the most casual observation on the part of a trained interviewer will reveal at once the fact that the applicant either is or is not fitted for the work to be done.

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