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the files of the department where it can be readily consulted.  It is the duty of the clerk and record-keeper to make out all reports, to record all reports sent from heads of departments, to keep the files, to make out notifications to the paymaster and to other officers as occasion requires, and in general to keep the records and files of the department in a neat, orderly condition, up to date every moment of the day, and so managed as to yield readily and instantly any information desired.

It is the duty of the stenographer to attend to all correspondence of the department, including dictation from the supervisor and the assistant supervisor.


Briefly, it is the function of the employment department to secure, interview, analyze, select, and recommend for employment men and women who will pre-eminently fit into the various positions in the organization; by competent counsel, upon request, to assist the line executives in the management of employees, and, in all its activities, to act in the capacity of expert in human nature, conducting all phases of relationship between the corporation and its employees.

In detail, however, the functions of a well-organized and efficient employment department are these: 


1.  Theoretically, the first function of an employment department is to analyze carefully every position in the organization, listing its requirements, noting the environment and other conditions which surround it; in short, painting what will be to the members of the department a clear and easily recognizable word-picture of the aptitudes and character of the man or woman best fitted to fill that position.  While this is the theoretical first function of the department, in actual practice certain conditions may arise which will make this inadvisable.  But it ought to be done as quickly as possible, and the records tabulated on cards in a convenient way in a card file.  These are the specifications for the human material needed in each place.  The method of making this analysis varies under different circumstances.


2.  The next step in the work of an employment department is the analysis of all executives.  Each executive is interviewed and carefully analyzed for two purposes; first, to find whether he is indeed the right man in the right place; second, to observe his characteristics, his peculiarities, his personality, and to learn from him his preferences.  All of these are carefully listed, and, in selecting employees, care is taken to select only those who will work harmoniously and happily with the executives under whom they are placed.


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