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This young man’s type is very common.  We meet it constantly in business, and wherever we have met it, we have always found that, unless it was associated with a man of dark complexion, hard consistency, keen, shrewd eyes, the ability to fight and to stick, a sort of bull-dog tenacity, it simply ran away in over-optimistic ventures, dissipated its earnings, and ended in dismal failure.

[Illustration:  FIG. 57.  Conical hands, with conical finger tips.  Indicate refinement, responsiveness, sentiment, love of beauty in music and art, and an emotional nature.  This hand, however, is not very practical, and is not the typical hand of the musical performer or creative artist.  May be the hand of an actor or singer.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 58.  Back and front view of hand of Mrs. Flora E. Durand, of Libertyville, Illinois, Pianiste and Pipe Organist.  Mrs. Durand is a performer of unusual skill and artistic feeling.  Note squareness of entire hand and of finger tips.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 59.  Back and front view of hands of financier and administrator.  Very practical, matter-of-fact, and sensible; not particularly fond of detail, but can compel himself to do it.  Note square hands and finger tips and moderately short fingers.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 60.  Front and back view of hands of a mechanical and electrical engineer of some prominence.  He is not only highly qualified, intellectually, for engineering work, but is a mechanic of great expertness and skill.  All his work is beautifully finished and marvellously accurate.  Note long, square hands and fingers.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 61.  Long fingers, indicating a tendency to capacity for details.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 62.  An example of narrow head, indicating mildness of disposition—­an inclination to win way and secure ends by intellect, tact, and diplomacy, rather than by direct conflict.]

[Illustration:  Copyright Ernest H. Mills. FIG. 63.  Sir Henry Fowler.  A splendid example of fine, enduring physical balance with excellent intellectual equipment.  Note large, long nose, ears, and chin; long, straight upper lip; long, rather lean lines of cheeks and face in general, flat-topped head; prominent brows, and square jaw, These are all typical indications of calmness, practical judgment, prudence, shrewdness, moderation, and, as a result, longevity.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 64.  Reginald D. Barry, Engineer and Scientific Experimenter.  Interested in mechanics and engineering in an almost purely intellectual manner.  Ambitious, determined, optimistic.  Note especially height and width of upper part of cranium, with slender lower face; also rounded dome above temples, and width and fulness back of upper corners of forehead.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 65.  Colbert E. Lyon.  Note especially high dome of head above temples, indicating optimism, faith, hope, sympathy, generosity and humanitarian leanings.  Note also fine texture, indicating love of beauty, refinement, and responsiveness.  Practical judgment, energy and determination are shown by prominent brows; large, high nose; and strong chin; fine powers of expression by prominent eyes.]

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