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If, on the other hand, you are of the observant, practical, matter-of-fact, scientific type, your vocation should be one calling for quick thought, quick decision, ability to get the facts and to deal with them, keen observation, and one not requiring too great a nicety of mental calculation.

If you have a small, round, retreating chin, beware of any vocation which requires great deliberation in action, because you are very quick to act.  Your hands, once their task is learned, move very swiftly.  You are inclined to be impulsive.  If your forehead is of the type which indicates quick thinking and you have a large nose, high in the bridge, then you are of the keenest, most alert, most energetic and dynamic type.  No sooner do you see a proposition than you decide.  No sooner do you decide than you act, and when you have acted, you want to see the results of that action immediately.  You are, therefore, unfitted for any vocation which requires prolonged meditation, great deliberation in action, and a patient, plodding willingness to wait for results.

If your chin is long, broad, and prominent at the point, your action will always wait upon your thought.  If your thought is quick, as indicated by the sloping forehead, your action may follow very quickly, but never impulsively.  If, on the other hand, your forehead is one which indicates reflection and slowness of thought, then you will be very deliberate, postponing action in every case until you have carefully and painstakingly thought the entire matter out.  It is useless for anyone to try to rush you to either decision or action, for you may have it in you to be quite hopelessly stubborn.


Some time ago a splendidly educated young man came to us for advice.  “What I want to know more than anything else,” he said, “is why Hugo Schultz always sells more goods than I do.  I spent two years in high school, four years in a special preparatory school and four years in college.  I have had eight years of fairly successful business experience.  For two years I have been a traveling salesman.  When I first started out my sales amounted to only about $5 a day, on an average.  Within a year I had pushed them up to $1,000 a day, on an average, and now sometimes I sell $3,000 or $4,000 worth a day.  With the exception of Hugo Schultz, I sell more goods than any other man representing our company.  If I sell $52,000 worth in a month, Schultz sells $65,000 worth-yet Schultz has never been beyond the fourth grade in school.  He is ten years younger than I am, has had practically no business experience, and has only been on the road one year.”

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