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The hardest worker in all the Westinghouse plant was Westinghouse.  And who but the Wright brothers themselves made a commercial success of the aeroplane?  Sometimes, it is true, one man conceives an idea which he is unable to work out and which must be made practical by others, but more often than not he stumbles on the idea more by accident than because he is looking for it.  So the young man or the young woman who has hopes of winning fame in the world of art, music, or literature should assay himself or herself first of all for a willingness to work, to work hard, and to work endlessly.


Such energy is indicated by the large nose, high in the bridge, which admits large quantities of oxygen into the lungs; by high cheek bones, oftentimes by a head wide just above the ears, by square hands and square-tipped fingers, by hard or elastic consistency of fibre.  Persistence and patience are indicated by brunette coloring and plodding by a well-developed and rather prominent jaw and chin.  Havelock Ellis and other anthropologists have noted the fact that dark coloring is more frequently found in artists and actors than light hair, eyes, and skin.

Artistic, musical, and literary ability are as various in their indications as they are in their manifestations.  One man is a painter, another a sculptor, another an architect.  One man paints flowers, another landscapes, another portraits, another allegorical scenes, and still another the rough, virile, vigorous, or even horrible and gruesome aspects of life.  One musician sings, another plays the violin, still another the piano, and another the pipe organ.  One conducts a grand opera, another conducts a choir.  One musician composes lyrics, another oratorios, another ragtime, and still another symphonies.  One man writes poetry, another stories, another essays, another history, another philosophy, and still another the hard, dry, mathematical facts of science.  Obviously, it would only confuse the reader were we to attempt to describe the physical appearance of all these different classes.


In general, we may say that an appreciation of form, color, proportion, size, and distance is indicated by well-developed brows, broad and full at the outer angles, and by eyes set rather widely apart.  But size, form, color, and proportion are but the mediums through which the artist’s soul conveys its message.  Whether or not one has the soul which can conceive a worthy message is indicated by the expression of the eyes, an expression which cannot be described but which, once seen and recognized, can never afterward be mistaken.

Inherent capacity for music is indicated by a forehead wide at the brows.  Going over the portraits of all the famous composers and performers, you will find that while they differ in most other particulars, they are all alike in the proportionate width of the forehead at the brows.  The kind and quality of music one may create depends partially upon training and partially upon the kind and quality of his soul, which, again, expresses itself in the eyes.

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