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A young fellow, now located near Bakersfield, whom I had known in San Diego, told me great tales that I was too anxious to believe, and finally made some fine promises to help me get a piece of what he said was his land and to bring it to a productive state.  But when I reached his place, in February, he was not ready, willing or able to carry out his promises.  He kept me hanging on, however, and as I had used up my savings in a month’s attendance at the short course of the State agricultural college and in bringing my goods from Bakersfield, I was compelled to get work from him as one of his orchard gang.  I helped to set out several hundred trees and berry plants, and later knew what it meant to hoe for ten hours a day.  I left him the latter part of July in order to work out a scheme I had thought of.

[Illustration:  FIG. 25.  “Sydney Williams.”  For analysis see pages 206 to 210.  Here is a fine, capable intellect, good sense of humor, optimism, cheerfulness, great refinement, and excellent critical powers in art and literature.  But there is a deficiency of practicability.  Note smallness and flatness of brows, narrowness of head just above the ears, fineness of features and height of head in center, above temples.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 26.  “Sydney Williams.”  Note flatness of brows; smallness and fineness of features; fineness of texture; height of forehead and crown.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 27.  Prof.  Adolf von Menzel, Sociologist.  A man of great intellect, especially interested in theoretical and statistical studies of people, in the mass, but not greatly interested in practical, material affairs.  Note immense dome of forehead and head, with flatness at brows.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 28.  Edgar Allan Poe, Poet.  Impractical, deficient in financial sense, but keenly alive to a world of fancy, ideals, dreams, imagery, beauty, mysticism and tragedy.  Note high forehead, wide above, flat at brows and concave at sides; small nose and mouth, deep-set, gloomy eyes; dark complexion; and lack of symmetry and balance in head and features.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 29.  Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Author.  Highly intellectual, sentimental, impractical, sensitive, emotional.  A man of high ideals and beautiful thoughts, and creative power.  Note high, dome-shaped head; flat, high brows, fine, delicate features; weak mouth, and general softness of contour and expression.]

[Illustration:  Copyright by Harper & Brothers, N. Y.  FIG. 30.  Thomas De Quincy, Author.  A man of fine, discriminating, logical intellect along purely mental lines, but impractical in material affairs.  Note high, prominent forehead, with flat, poorly-developed brows, weak nose and mouth and narrow head.]

[Illustration:  FIG. 31.  O. Henry, at the age of thirty.  Impractical, lacking in desire for money and financial judgment.  Creative, humorous, a lover of human nature, mild, rather easy-going, idealistic, constant.  Note high forehead, flat at brows, full at sides along top, concave nose, full lips, prominent chin.]

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