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[Illustration:  No. 75 SACHET]

[Illustration:  No. 76.  PEN-WIPER.]

[Illustration:  No. 77.  PATTERN FOR FOOTSTOOL.]

* * * * *


75.  SACHET.

Materials—­A quarter of a yard of pale-blue satin, one yard and one-eighth of blue silk fringe, three shades of green, and two shades of olive-green embroidery silk, and a small bundle of pearl beads.

Draw the design upon the satin, and work in embroidery-stitch, the leaves with the shades of green, the stems with the shades of olive, and the grapes with the beads.  Use such perfume as may be preferred, and trim round the edge with the fringe.

* * * * *



Materials—­Blue cachmere and gold-coloured braid.

Draw the pattern, and sew on the braid; edge with button-hole stitch.

* * * * *



Materials—­Canvass No. 40; scarlet, black, and white Berlin wool; fourth shade of blue, fourth ditto of green, fourth ditto of peach Berlin wool; amber floss silk, six skeins of each of the wools, and a similar quantity of silk will be required; also a piece of fine piping-cord, and emerald-green velvet ribbon.

Cut the canvass into strips 3 inches in width, and the length required; sew 14 lengths of cord upon the canvass, leaving 2 threads between each cord; the cord will cover a space of 2 threads.  Leave a margin 18 threads from this, and with black work 6 stitches over the 7th and 8th cords opposite each other; with blue work 6 stitches on the same cords on the right side, and with green 6 on the left; with peach work 6 stitches on the 9th and 10th cords, above the stitches of black; and with scarlet 6 stitches on the 6th and 7th cords, underneath the black.  There will now be 60 stitches worked.  With white work 6 stitches on a line with each of the preceding stitches, and on the 2 cords above the stitches of peach and below the scarlet; with amber silk work 6 stitches in the same manner.  This completes the first diamond.  The pattern is repeated to the end of row.  The spaces between the diamonds are worked as follows:  With black work 6 stitches on a line with each stitch of amber; with peach work the stitches between the black on the 3d and 4th cords; on the right hand work 6 stitches with blue on the 1st and 2d cords, and on the left with green; work the centre stitches with silk.  The opposite space is worked in a similar manner, substituting scarlet for peach.  For a cushion it will be necessary to work 4 strips of this pattern; and, in making it up, a length of velvet ribbon of a similar width is placed between each division of work.  Finish with green cord and tassels.

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