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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 57 pages of information about The Lady's Album of Fancy Work for 1850.


Materials—­10 pieces of fine black crochet silk; 2 bundles of No. 6 steel beads; Penelope crochet No. 3.

Make a chain of 84 stitches; work 1 row in plain-stitch crochet.—­

2d row. 2 edge-stitches, 1 bead-stitch, 1 plain to the end of row.—­

3d row.  Plain.—­

4th row.  Same as 2d row.—­

5th, 6th, and 7th rows.  Plain.—­

8th row. 4 plain, 4 bead to the end of row.—­

9th, 10th, and 11th rows.  As 8th row.—­

13th, 14th, and 15th rows.  Plain.—­

16th row. 1 plain-stitch, 1 bead-stitch to the end of row.—­

17th row.  Plain.

This completes the band for the arm, which must be worked on one side, detaching the silk at the end of each row.  Work 4 rows in chain-stitch open crochet, making 7 loops in each chain, and missing 4 stitches in working the first row, join and work in rounds; work 2 rounds, then divide the mit in half, and leave a space for the thumb; the silk must be detached at the end of the row.  Work to the centre of the back of hand, make 3 chain-stitches, pass down a bead in making the next 3 chain-stitches, crochet to the centre stitch of chain of last row; then work 3 stitches, passing down a bead at each stitch, then 3 chain-stitches; work to the end of row.  Work 6 rows, increasing the number of bead-stitches by commencing at the preceding chain-stitch; then work 6 rows, decreasing as seen in illustration; the last 3 of these must be worked in rounds instead of rows; work 3 rounds in chain-stitches of 7 as before, then a round of chain-loops in each chain.  Work one-half plain for the inner part of the hand, then 1 bead, 1 plain.  Next round plain.  Work 3 rows thus on the back of the hand; 3 bead-stitches, 3 plain stitches.  Next round plain; then 1 bead-stitch, 1 plain as before, and finish with a plain round.  Now work the thumb as follows:—­Work a chain of 7, missing every third stitch; repeat three times, then work 5 rounds, decreasing in each round by passing the loop through the centre stitches of two of the chains; work 3 rounds without decreasing, and finish with 3 rounds of close double crochet, making every alternate stitch of the centre round a bead-stitch.  Work a loop on the band, and fasten with a button.

* * * * *



Materials—­Raworth’s thread No. 30, knitting-cotton No. 10, shaded amber Berlin wool, mesh No. 6.

Commence with a foundation of 100 loops, and net till the proper length is completed.  Work the pattern in darning-stitch with cotton.  Net a fringe with shaded wool, making two loops in every loop, using a flat mesh two inches broad.

* * * * *

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