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2d row.  Commence one stitch from the first stitch in last row, 1 chain, 1 long in every stitch; repeat, finishing by working a stitch in advance.—­

3d row.  Commence as in last row, 2 chain, 1 long, miss 1, and finish as before.—­

4th row.  Commence and finish as before, 1 long, 2 chain, miss 1; repeat.—­

5th row. 3 chain, 1 long, miss 2; repeat, beginning and finishing as before.—­

6th row. 1 long, 3 chain, miss 1; repeat, commencing and finishing as before.  Now work the other two divisions in the same manner; after which work 1 long, 2 chain, miss 1, all round; then work a round in double crochet.  This completes the centre.

For the Edge.—­With white work 1 long, 2 chain, miss 1, all round.—­

2d round. 7 chain, 1 plain, miss 3; repeat.—­

3d round. 7 chain, 1 plain worked in the centre stitch of chain; repeat.—­

4th round. 1 plain worked in the centre stitch of chain, 5 long worked in the following stitches:  1 plain, 7 chain, 1 plain in the centre stitch of chain, 7 chain; repeat.

* * * * *

[Illustration:  No. 71.  SERVIETTE FOR LIQUEUR STAND]

[Illustration:  No. 72.  RIBBON-WORK.]

[Illustration:  No. 73.  LADY’S SILK MITTENS.]


* * * * *



We will describe how to make an anti-macassar:—­

Take Penelope canvass, three quarters of a yard long, half a yard wide; a piece of crimson china ribbon; one piece of gold-colour, one of shaded lilac, and a rug-needle.

Prepare the canvass by cutting away every 2 alternate threads, and draw them out the whole length of the canvass; next cut away and draw them out with tweezers, every 2 alternate threads, the whole of the width of the canvass.  Next thread the rug-needle with crimson ribbon, and sew over the first 2 threads of canvass the lengthway of the canvass; when at the end, pass the needle to the next 2 threads and sew them over, taking care to keep the ribbon flat as possible; when at the top, return and cover the next two threads with the same coloured ribbon.  This will make 3 stripes.  Proceed the same with the gold-colour, 3 stripes; then the lilac, 3 stripes; then recommence with the crimson, and continue the same until you have the whole length finished.  Next commence to sew over the same from side to side, which will form a chequered pattern, and has a rich effect.  Finish round with a ruche of satin ribbon or fringe, crimson colour.  If desired, can be worked with slight silk.

* * * * *


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