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To Ornament the Screen.—­Lay a sheet of black tracing-paper on the screen, with the black side downwards; then place a pattern above it, with the right side uppermost; place a weight here and there, to prevent it slipping; then trace over the outline with a rather blunt stiletto.  On removing the paper, you will find the outline of the pattern transferred to the surface of the screen.  Trace over the outline, and shade, in lines, with a fine camel’s-hair pencil dipped in Newman’s lamp-black; fill in with the same.

Varnish.—­Place four ounces of rectified spirit of wine in a wide-mouthed bottle; add one ounce of gum sandarac, a quarter of an ounce of gum mastic, and a drachm of camphor, all in powder.  Put a stopper in the bottle, set it near a fire, and shake it occasionally.  When all the gums are quite dissolved, add one ounce of oil of turpentine; then strain through muslin into another clean, dry wide-mouthed bottle.  Let it stand a day or two before using.

Mode of Varnishing.—­Take a large clean new varnish-brush, dip it into the bottle, and then cover over all your screen with it.  When perfectly dry, give it another coat, and so on till it has had six coats; let it remain untouched for two days; rub it smooth with sand-paper; then give it two more coats of varnish, and repeat the rubbing, being careful to wait between each coat till the last is dry, and not to rub with sand-paper sooner than two days after varnishing, and never give more than two coats of varnish in a day—­one in the morning, another at night.  When you think it looks clear and sufficiently thick, give it another coat without using the sand-paper after it; let it stand four days; then rub it all over with pounded rottenstone, and wipe it off with a wet cloth; after which take a little Florence oil and hair-powder, and polish with your hand.

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[Illustration:  No 67.  TOILET CUSHION.]

[Illustration:  No. 68.  THE HELEN CAP.]

[Illustration:  No. 69.  SCREEN]

[Illustration:  No. 70.  HEARTSEASE]

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Materials—­Split Berlin wool, and knitting-needles No. 20; cornucopia gauge.

Violet Petals.—­Cast on three stitches with a bright shade of violet; knit and pearl in alternate rows, making a stitch at the beginning of every row, until you have fourteen or sixteen stitches; then knit and pearl six rows alternately, without increase, and continue in knitted and pearled rows, decreasing one stitch at the beginning of each row, till six or eight stitches alone remain; these cast off in the plain row, taking the two last as one before you turn the last stitch over.  Two petals like these are required.

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