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Materials—­Crimson satin and gold twist.

Draw the design, and work in embroidery-stitch.  This elegant design is suitable for the centre of a book-cover, a watch-pocket, and many other purposes, which the taste of the worker may suggest.

* * * * *



Materials—­Raworths crochet-thread No. 30, or fine knitting-cotton.

Use cotton No. 10 for embroidering the pattern.  Meshes No. 4, No. 6, and a flat mesh three-fourths of an inch in width, will be required for the edge.

Commence with a foundation of 300 loops on mesh No. 4, and net till the length required is worked; then net the following edge at the sides and end; net two loops in every loop on the large mesh, making four loops in the corner loops.—­

2d row.  Take two loops together, netting two in these.—­

3d row.  Take every loop on mesh No. 6.—­

4th row.  Like 3d row.—­

5th row.  Net two loops in every loop on the large mesh.—­

6th and 7th rows.  Like 3d and 4th.  Work the pattern in darning-stitch, as in illustration.

* * * * *

[Illustration:  No. 63.  ROUND COLLAR.]

[Illustration:  No. 64.  PRINCE OF WALES’S PLUME.]

[Illustration:  No. 65.  PATTERN FOR WINDOW-CURTAINS.]

[Illustration:  No. 66.  GENTLEMAN’S BRACES.]

* * * * *



Materials—­Black velvet or white satin ribbon of a very good quality, and five shades of crimson and three of green embroidery silk.

Line the ribbon with linen; draw the design, and work in embroidery-stitch, shading, as taste may direct,—­the leaves with the greens, and the roses with crimson, using three shades for each rose, and working first only with the lightest shades, then with the darkest only.

* * * * *



Materials—­White or black satin; three shades of crimson, three shades of yellow, three shades of green, and two shades of olive green embroidery silk; one yard of crimson and one yard of green chenille will also be required.

Draw the pattern on the material, and work in embroidery-stitch one rose with the shades of crimson, and the second with the shades of yellow; the leaves with the shades of green, and the stems with olive; work a few stitches with the shades of the roses in the centre of the rose-buds, and work the corner designs with green and olive.  In the arrangement of the colours, the taste and judgment of the worker must be exercised, as much depends upon the harmoniously blending of the various shades.

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