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Wreath of Leaves and Buds.—­For the wreath under the corner rose:  94 c s, s c down twelve of these, * 7 c s, s c into third s c stitch; repeat from * three times more, which brings it to top stitch; 8 c s, s c into same stitch, * 7 c s, s c into third stitch down the other side; repeat from * three times more; pass the thread under the stalk, 3 d c into first loop of 7 c s, * 7 c, s c round next loop of 7 c s; repeat from * three times, which brings it to top loop; 7 c s, s c into same loop; repeat the 7 c into every loop down the other side; s c, 5 c s for a stalk; 10 c s, 1 d l s into fifth stitch, 5 more d l s into same stitch.  Turn.  D c along the top of these d l s.  Turn.  D c along last d c stitches; 9 c s, s c into d c stitch on the other side.  Fasten off; this forms the bud.  Commence again at the last s c of the stalk of leaf, s c along thirteen stitches; repeat the leaf and bud five times more; s c the remaining c s for a stalk.  The wreaths under the roses at the sides are only to have five leaves and five buds on each, and require a chain of eighty-two stalks for the stem.  Tack the flowers on paper wrong side up, as seen in the illustration.  Tack the buds to the roses, and unite the leaves by a slight band in button-hole stitch.  Tack the edges of the roses together, and the ends of the stems to the adjoining wreath; then remove the paper, and lay the bordering upon the edge of the scarf or veil, which should be of Brussels net.  Sew the edge of the upper scallops of the rose to the net very firmly, and cut away the superfluous net.

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[Illustration:  No. 58.  LIQUEUR-STAND MAT.]

[Illustration:  No. 59]

[Illustration:  No. 60]

[Illustration:  No. 61.  BORDER FOR A LACE SCARF OR VEIL]

[Illustration:  No. 62.  PURSE.]

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Materials—­One skein of cerise, one of blue fine crochet-silk, one skein of gold twist; one hank of gold beads No. 6, one ditto of silver; a gilt top and tassel will also be required.

Thread the gold beads on the cerise silk, and the silver on the blue, and with the cerise make a chain of 7 stitches, unite; make 2 stitches in each stitch in the 1st round, in every alternate in the 2d, and in every third in the 3d, passing down a bead in every stitch; work thus, increasing in each stitch until there are 42 bead-stitches in the round; now decrease each division of the star, working 6 bead-stitches, 1 plain, increasing in the plain stitch; then decrease 1 bead-stitch in every round till but one remain, increasing always in the same stitch in each round; work 2 plain rounds, still increasing as before; work 1 round with gold twist, without increasing; 1 round with cerise, passing down a bead at every stitch; and 1 round again with twist.  Commence with blue, and work 1 plain round.  There ought now to be 64 stitches in the round; if a greater number should be found, decrease by missing a stitch as may be found necessary.  This must be done in the first round worked with blue.—­2d round (with blue). 10 plain, 3 beads, 1 plain, 2 bead-stitches; repeat all round.—­

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