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1st round. 6 chain, miss 2, 1 plain five times.—­

2d round. 7 plain stitches in every 6 chain.—­

3d round. 3 chain, miss 1, 1 plain; repeat. 17 plain in the stem.  Fasten off for the band.

Work a chain the length of the collar.—­

1st row.  Plain.—­

2d row. 1 plain, 2 long, 3 double long, 2 long, 1 plain; repeat. Directions for making up the collar.—­After the leaves, flowers, band, and border are worked, cut the shape of the collar in pink or blue paper; gum a piece of holland at the back of the paper, to prevent its tearing; tack the border on the paper pattern, the right side downwards; then sew on the sprigs as in the engraving.  Sew the edges of the leaves and flowers nicely, to prevent their turning up; then, with a sewing-needle and fine cotton, unite the flowers, leaves, and borders, by passing the needle from one part of a leaf or flower to another four or five times; then pass the needle under the bars formed six or eight times, according to the length of the bar; pass the needle to another part, and continue to connect the work in this manner throughout the collar.

* * * * *

[Illustration:  No. 50.  MITTEN.]

[Illustration:  No. 51.  FLORAL COLLAR.]


[Illustration:  No. 53.  WINTER HEAD-DRESS.]

[Illustration:  No. 54.  “BABOCHE,” OR CANDLE ORNAMENT.]

* * * * *



Materials—­Black satin or velvet; three shades of green, two ditto of crimson, two ditto of blue, and one skein of olive silk; and one piece of silver twist.

Work, in embroidery-stitch, the leaves with the greens, the flowers with the crimson, the stems with the olive, the harp with blue, the cords of harp with the silver twist, and the shamrocks with green.

* * * * *



Materials—­Half-an-ounce of shaded scarlet Berlin wool, and six skeins of white wool; Penelope crochet No. 2.

With white make a chain measuring 18 inches.  Work a row in single open crochet.  With scarlet work 2 rows, decreasing 1 stitch at the end of each row.  Work the next row with white, and continue alternately 2 rows scarlet and 1 white, decreasing every row until 9 rows are completed.

For the Borders.—­With white work in chains of 7, missing every alternate stitch at the back, and taking every stitch at the sides; and for the space of 24 stitches in the centre of the cap miss 2 stitches.  Work a second row of chains of 7 at the sides.  Work an additional border in the same manner, taking the stitches above the third row of white.  Pass casings of scarlet ribbon through each of the rows of white wool, place loops of the same between the borders, join the cap behind, and finish with a rosette of ribbon.

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