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This description of drawing is called Scagliola work, or a Mischia (mixed workmanship); it was first invented by Guido Tassi, and the art was afterwards improved and perfected by Henry Hugford, a monk, of Vallambrosa.  It was first used to counterfeit marbles; and the altar of St. Antonio, in the church of St. Nicolo, at Carpi, is still preserved as a monument of extraordinary skill and beauty.  It consists of two columns, representing porphyry, and adorned with a pallium, embroidered as it were with lace; while it is ornamented in the margin with medals bearing beautiful figures.

The dicromi, or yellow figures on a black ground, in imitation of the Etruscan vases, are now most admired in scagliola work; and as the art is one easy of attainment, we shall describe it.  Having procured a piece of sycamore of the desired size and shape, you draw upon it with a pencil, first the centre piece, and afterwards the border; you then trace over the pencil marks with Indian-ink and a fine crow-quill, and next fill in the ground with Indian-ink and a camel’s-hair brush.  After two or three days, varnish with the best picture-varnish.  If sycamore cannot be procured, deal will answer the purpose, covered with good cream-coloured drawing-paper.

* * * * *

[Illustration:  No. 27.  SMALL OTTOMAN]

[Illustration:  No. 28.  CARD BASKET.]

[Illustration:  No. 29.  COLLAR.]

* * * * *



Materials—­Raworth’s crochet-thread No. 40; Penelope crochet No. 3.

Make a chain of 60 stitches; work round this, at each side and the ends, 1 long, 2 chain, miss 2, increasing by missing but 1 stitch at the ends.  Work 10 rounds thus; then make a round of double crochet.  For the sides, work 13 rounds in the same manner, but increasing in every alternate round by making 3 chain-stitches between the long; finish with the following lace: 

Pattern for Lace.—­

1st round. 3 long, 3 chain, miss 2, 1 long, 3 chain, miss 2, 1 long, 3 chain, miss 2, 1 long, 3 chain, miss 2; repeat.—­

2d round. 5 long, the first worked over the last stitch of chain; the others in succeeding stitches, 4 chain, 1 long, 4 chain, 1 long, 4 chain; repeat.—­

3d round. 3 long worked over the 3 centre long stitches, 5 chain, 1 long, 4 chain, 1 long, 5 chain; repeat.—­

4th and 5th rounds. 1 long, 5 chain, the long worked in the centre stitch of chain; repeat.—­

6th round. 5 long worked in the centre stitch of chain, 3 chain, miss 8; repeat.—­

7th round. 3 long, the first in the last chain stitch, the succeeding above the first, 2 long, 2 chain, miss 1, 3 long, 3 chain; repeat.—­

8th, 9th, and 10th rounds. 1 plain, worked in the centre stitch of 3 chain of last round, 3 chain, 1 long, miss 3, 1 long, 3 chain, miss 3, 1 long, 3 chain, miss 3, 3 chain; repeat.

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