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6th row. (e) Work 6 plain stitches, and round the leaf in double crochet, without making a stitch at the top; repeat from (e).

To complete your edging, work a row of double crochet on the other edge of the row of long stitches.

Flowers for the Collar.—­

Make a chain of 6 stitches; close it by taking a plain stitch in the first of the chain; work in every loop of this small ring 2 long stitches, with a chain-stitch between each of the long ones.  In finishing the round, make a stitch to complete the number of twenty-five loops; then (a) work 5 plain stitches, and in the fifth make a chain of 7 stitches; turn, work 6 stitches in double crochet along the chain, and 1 plain in the loop from which the chain springs; repeat from (a) four times.  You have then three veins; work round them as directed for the leaves of the edging; after the second row of double crochet break off your cotton.  According to the size of the collar, five or six flowers will be sufficient, if you make also the trifoliums.

Trifoliums.—­Make a chain of 18 stitches; turn, and work along the chain 3 plain stitches, a vein of 7 stitches; 6 plain, a vein of 8 stitches; 6 more plain stitches, another vein of 7; 3 plain stitches, and break off the cotton.  Begin at the first end, and work the two rows of long stitches exactly as directed for the leaves of the edging; at the end of the two following rows, which are in double crochet, round the leaves, instead of breaking off the cotton, work in double crochet from the third leaflet to the first; thus connecting the work in one single leaf with three divisions.  Having prepared the required number of flowers and leaves, baste your edging on the paper pattern, so that the whole of the leaves rest on the paper; then work a chain rather loose, to connect the two ends of the collar on the neck side; turn, and work along that chain a row of double crochet.  Baste this narrow band carefully half an inch from the edge of the paper; then begin a row of double crochet inside the collar, throwing, at even distances, a slanting chain from the edging to the neckband, working back each time along that chain in long or double crochet; repeat the same operation from the neckband to the edging, so as to divide the whole middle of the collar in a certain number of diamonds; baste the diamonds to the paper, place alternately in each a flower or a trifolium, and, with a sewing-needle and fine French embroidery cotton, connect the flowers and leaves to the inside edges of the diamonds in long twisted stitches, rows of button-hole stitches, or any kind of lace-work.  After being washed and starched, the collar ought to be pressed on the wrong side with the head of a round nail warmed in the fire.

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