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Touching the granting of estates to this city, there is exceeding need of them, as this city has none belonging to it by which any necessary works may be carried out.  Nevertheless I do not know whence the land can be taken without causing much damage.  The vacant repartimientos are very necessary to reward the many persons who have served, and who complain with reason that the royal estate is always increasing, and yet it has many debts.  May your Majesty provide for everything according to your pleasure.  May our Lord guard your royal Catholic Majesty, and increase your Majesty’s kingdoms, as we your servants desire.  Manila, July seventeenth, of the year 1581.  Catholic Royal Majesty, your Majesty’s most humble servant, who kisses the royal hands and feet,

Don Goncillo Rronquillo de Penalosa

[Endorsed: “Seen.  An answer is unnecessary.”]

Ordinance Restricting Departure from the Islands

At the city of Manila, in the Filipinas, islands of the West, on the second day of the month of March of the year one thousand five hundred and eighty-two, the most illustrious Don Goncalo Ronquillo de Penalosa, governor and captain-general for his Majesty of these said islands, said that, inasmuch as he had been informed that about three years ago Fray Pedro de Alfaro, custodian of the descalced religious of the order of St. Francis, had left these islands secretly, taking with him other religious, and that he went without order or license therefor from his Majesty or the governor, to the kingdom of China, where he now is; [43] and inasmuch as Fray Pablo de Jesus, a custodian, and other religious did the same thing a few days ago, causing thereby much scandal and talk in this commonwealth:  in order to correct the aforesaid as is very necessary and to inform your Majesty thereof, he declared that he was ordering (and he did so order) that it be publicly proclaimed in this city that no person of any quality or condition whatsoever should dare to leave this said city or any other places where said religious may be, accompanied by any persons whatsoever, by land or sea, or in any other manner whatsoever, except with express permission from the governor and captain-general of these islands.  This shall be under penalty of incurring confiscation of all property by the exchequer of his Majesty, and proclamation as a traitor and rebel against the royal crown.  Moreover, proceedings will be instituted against such person with all due severity.  Thus he provided; and, under the said penalties, no one shall dare to give such, persons ships or conveyance by which they may leave, without said permission.

Given ut supra

Don Goncalo Ronquillo de Penalosa

By command of his Lordship: 

Alonso Beltran

Letter from Gonzalo Ronquillo de Penalosa to Felipe II

Royal Catholic Majesty: 

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