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The king. [42] To our governor of the Filipinas islands.  When we heard that there were not sufficient tithes for the support of four prebendaries in the cathedral church which is to be erected in those islands, we ordered you in our decree of the thirteenth day of July of the past year 1579, to give them from our treasury a competent stipend, which was to be in proportion to the amount yielded by the said tithes.  Now the said bishop has reported that, in case the said prebends or other benefices which were to be established in the said church become vacant, it would be necessary to defer the appointment of other persons thereto until orders could be despatched from here; and thus the said church would remain without the divine service.  In view of this inconvenience, he petitions us to give orders that, whenever dignities, canonries, and other benefices of the said church become vacant, they shall immediately be filled by other worthy persons, with the same stipends as those received by their predecessors; or to order what else is our pleasure.  With the approval of our Council of the Indies, we favor this; and therefore order you that, whenever the said dignities, canonries, and other benefices of the cathedral church in those islands shall become vacant, you fill them with competent persons of the required rank, who shall serve in the place of those through whom the vacancy occurs, at the same stipend as that received by their predecessors, until we make our appointments.

I, The King

By order of his Majesty: 

Antonio de Eraso

Letter from Ronquillo de Penalosa to Felipe II

Royal Catholic Majesty: 

This city has begged me to inform your Majesty about three things solicited by the citizens.  May your Majesty command accordingly by a royal decree addressed to me, in order that I may inform them if these things are fitting for the service of your Majesty.

First, that your Majesty may have me informed whether it is convenient that this city be the capital of this government.  At present it is the largest city, has the largest population, and is the best governed in this kingdom.  It is well situated, so that from it the governor may easily reach the settlements in these islands.  Although the place is unhealthful, it would nevertheless for the present be convenient that this city be the capital of this government and the headquarters of the governor.

As to whether the repartimientos of the Indians should be made permanent, I will say that at present such a course would be by no means beneficial to your royal service, as it would cause the soldiers to lose the hope of being rewarded for their services.  Those who are now here would not serve and no others would come to this land.

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