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    I. Jimmy skunk is puzzled
   II.  Jimmy skunk consults his friends
  III.  The hunt for old Mr. Toad
   IV.  Peter rabbit finds old Mr. Toad
    V. Old Mr. Toad’s music bag
   VI.  Peter discovers something more
  VII.  A shadow passes over the smiling Pool
 VIII.  Old Mr. Toad’s babies
   IX.  The smiling Pool kindergarten
    X. The little toads start out to see the world
   XI.  Old Mr. Toad’s queer tongue
  XII.  Old Mr. Toad Shows his tongue
 XIII.  Peter rabbit is impolite
  XIV.  Old Mr. Toad disappears
   XV.  Old Mr. Toad gives Peter A scare
  XVI.  Jimmy skunk is surprised
 XVII.  Old Mr. Toad’s mistake
XVIII.  Jimmy skunk is just in time
  XIX.  Old Mr. Toad gets his stomach full
   XX.  Old Mr. Toad is puffed up
  XXI.  Old Mr. Toad receives another invitation
 XXII.  Old Mr. Toad learns A lesson
XXIII.  Old Mr. Toad is very humble


Can you tell me where all these little toads came from?”
Do you see anything queer about him?” He asked
If he don’t watch out, he’ll blow up and bust!” Exclaimed Jimmy
his funny little tongue darted out, and the fly was gone
Can’t talk with common folks any more,” He muttered
“I am A little warm,” Replied Mr. Toad in his most polite manner




Old Mother West Wind had just come down from the Purple Hills and turned loose her children, the Merry Little Breezes, from the big bag in which she had been carrying them.  They were very lively and very merry as they danced and raced across the Green Meadows in all directions, for it was good to be back there once more.  Old Mother West Wind almost sighed as she watched them for a few minutes.  She felt that she would like to join them.  Always the springtime made her feel this way,—­young, mad, carefree, and happy.  But she had work to do.  She had to turn the windmill to pump water for Farmer Brown’s cows, and this was only one of many mills standing idle as they waited for her.  So she puffed her cheeks out and started about her business.

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