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been spent in sloth or folly!  And not one second can be restored.  Shall the future be a similar record to the past?  You fear to think of it!  But be assured that till the last hour of the best spent life, you will need the atoning blood of Jesus for your innumerable shortcomings as a miserable sinner.  The very “light of life” which enables you to know and rejoice in Jesus, will enable you also, in proportion as it burns brightly, to know and to mourn over yourselves.  But while there is cause for earnest thoughtfulness about coming time, as a talent to be improved for your own good and God’s glory, there is no cause for unbelieving fear, for such “fear hath torment.”  God does not give you a year to spend; He gives you but a day; nay, not even that, but only the present moment.  He divides the talent of time into minutes, fractions, and says to you, “Employ this one for me.”  Therefore do not concern yourself with what is not yours; but as each day or hour comes, trust God!  He is not a hard master, reaping where He does not sow; but is a Father sowing in you, and by you, in order that you, as well as Himself, might reap so that “both sower and reaper might rejoice together.”  Trust Him for always pointing out to you the path of duty, so that, as a wayfarer, you will never err.  Be assured, that when the moment comes in which you must take any step, He will, by some voice in His Word or providence, say to you, “This is the way, walk ye in it!” Be assured, also, that amidst many things undone, or ill done by you, He will still so help you, if sincere, to labour in His cause here, and to improve your time and talents, as to be able hereafter to say, even to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant! enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”  “In the name of the Lord, then, let us lift up our banners!” Enter upon the labours and duties of the year with joy I Art thou not a fellow labourer with thy brother saints and angels, yea, even with thy God?  Doth not that omnipotent Spirit of light and love, who uniteth all in one, and who hath led the Church of Christ from grace to glory, dwell in thee?  Wherefore, then, dost thou dishonour God and His word by unbelieving fear?

Finally, the experience of the past may strengthen your faith in God for the future.  You have never trusted Him in vain.  He has never failed you in time of need.  You have always found His strength sufficient to uphold you, and His wisdom able to arrange for you, and His love inexhaustible in supplying your manifold wants.  Ah! had you foreseen, years ago, all the past journey, so often dark and perplexing, which you have since pursued; and also all the duties which have successively claimed your energies for their performance; and all the trials, so many, so varied, which you have had to endure; would you not have sunk down in despair before the spectacle?  But you did not foresee what is now past.  God in mercy concealed it from you, as He does what is now future.  And therefore you did not then, as you cannot now, despair.  The Lord has hitherto helped you, and led you through the wilderness, and held you up, and kept you from falling; and so it is that both in your inward and outward state, you are this day a monument of His power, mercy, patience, grace!

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