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Ta-yo-ra, Me-diang-a Severely cold.  Me-diang-a is compounded of
                         Me-diong, a sore
Mul-la-ra Married.  Compounded of Mulla, a man


Jung-o Common name
Pat-a-go-rang A large grey kang-oo-roo
Bag-gar-ray Small red ditto
Wal-li-bah Black ditto
Wor-re-gal Dog
Boo-roo-min Grey vulpine opossum
Go-ra-go-ro Red ditto
Wob-bin Flying squirrel
Ga-ni-mong Kang-oo-roo rat
Wee-ree-a-min Large fox rat
Bo-gul Rat or mouse
Me-rea-gine Spotted rat


Ma-ray-ong Emu
Go-ree-all A parrot
Mul-go A black swan
Car-rang-a bo mur-ray A pelican.  When they see this bird over their
                         heads, they sing the following words: 
Yoo-rong-i A ivild duck. 
Goad-gang, A wild pigeon
Wir-gan Bird named by us the Friar
ta-twa-natwa na-twa—­Gno-roo me ta-twa na-twa,
na-twa, tar-ra wow, tar-ra wow*

[* On seeing a shoal of porpoises, they sing while the fish is above water, Note-le-bre la-la, No-te-le-bre la-la, until it goes down, when they sing the words No-tee, No-tee, until it rises again]

Go-gan-ne-gine the Laughing jack-Ass
Po-book Musquito hawk
Wau-gan Crow
Jam-mul jam-mul Common hawk
Gare-a-way White cockatoo
Ca-rate Black ditto
Ur-win-ner-ri-wing Curlew


Mar-rae-gong A spider
Mi-a-nong A fly
Go-ma-go-ma A beetle
Gil-be-nong A grasshopper
Bur-roo-die-ra A butterfly
Go-na-long Caterpillar
Can-nar-ray Centipede
Calm Snake
Po-boo-nang A black ant

* * * * *


To the men when fishing they apply the word Mah-ni; to the women, Mahn.

They make some distinction in another instance when speaking of crying, they say the men Tong-i; the women Tong-e.

The following difference of dialect was observed between the natives at the Hawkesbury and at Sydney.

Ca-ber-ra Co-co Head
De-war-ra Ke-war-ra Hair
Gnul-lo Nar-ran Forehead
Mi Me Eye
Go-ray Ben-ne Ear
Cad-lian Gang-a Neck
Ba-rong Ben-di Belly
Moo-nur-ro Boom-boong Navel
Boong Bay-ley Buttocks
Yen-na-dah Dil-luck Moon
Co-ing Con-do-in Sun
Go-ra Go-ri-ba Hail
Go-gen-ne-gine Go-con-de Laughing jack-ass

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