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Gnia-na, Sighing. 
Bwo-me, Breathing. 
Dere-rign-ang, Sneezing. 
Car-re-nar-re-bil-le, Coughing. 
Yen-no-ra, Walking. 
Yen-mow, I will walk or go. 
Yenn, Go or walk. 
Yen-ma-nia, We will walk or go. 
Yen-wor-ro, He is gone. 
Yen-nim-me, You are going. 
Yen-nool, Relating to walking. 
Yen-nang-allea, Let us both walk. 
AI-locy, Stay. 
Wo-roo-wo-roo, Go away. 
Pat-ta-diow, I have eaten. 
Pat-td-die-mi, You have eaten. 
Pat-ty, He has eaten. 
Pat-ta-bow, I will eat. 
Pat-td-baw-me, You will eat, or will you eat? 
Pat-ta-ne, They eat. 
Wul-da-diow, I have drank. 
Wul-da-dic-mi, You have drank. 
Nwya jee-ming-a, Give me. 
Py-yay, Killed. 
Jung-ara py-yay, Killed by dogs. 
Par-rat-ben-ni-diow I have emptied. 
Py-ya-bow, I will strike or beat. 
Py-yee, He did beat. 
E-ra-bow, I will throw. 
E-ra, Throw you. 
E-rail-leiz, Throwing. 
Mahn-me-diow.  I have taken it. 
Mahn-iow, Shall I, or I shall take. 
Goo-ra, Sunk. 
Ton-ga-bil-lie, Did cry. 
Wau-me, Scolding or abusing. 
Wau-me-bow I will scold or abuse
Wau-me-diow I have scolded or abused
Wau-me-diang-ha They have scolded or abused
Nang-er-ra He sleeps
Nang-a-bow I will sleep
Nang-a-diow I have slept
Nang-a-diem-me You have slept
Nang-a-bau-me?  Will you sleep? 
Go-ro-da He snores
Gna-na le-ma She or he breathes
Al-lo-wan He lives or remains
Al-lo-wah Stay here, or sit down
Wal-loo-me-yen-wal-loo?  Where are you going? 
War-re-me-war-re Where have you been? 
Gna-diow You have seen
Gna-diem-me I have seen
Gna-bow I will see
Gna See
Era-mad-jow-in-nia Forced from him
Car-rah-ma Stealing
Wor-ga-wee-na He whistles, or whistling
Goo-lar-ra py-yel-la Snarling with anger
Man-nie mong-alla Surprised
Yare-ba Tired
Pe-to-e Sought for
Man-nie mal-lee He was startled
Nwya-bow-in-nia I will give you
 Wan-ye-wan-yi He lies
Ma-row-e He creeps
Bang-a-ja-bun He did paddle
Noy-ga Howling as a dog
Toll Biting
Co-e, Cow-e Cwoi,
Cow-ana Come here
Wad-be Swimming
Bo-gay Diving

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