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War-rang-i Right
Doo-room-i Left
Goo-lar-ra Angry
Yu-ro-ra Passionate
Wo-gul, and Wo-cul One
Yoo-blow-re, and Boo-la Two
Brew-y Three
Mur-ray-too-lo A great many
Gnal-le-a Both
Moo-jel Red
Ta-bo-a White
Gna-na Black
Bool-gi-ga Green
Moo-ton-ore Lame
Yu-roo, and
Yu-roo-gur-ra Hungry
Mo-rem-me Yes
Beall No
Mar-rey Wet


Ca-ber-ra Head
Gnul-lo Forehead
Mi Eye
Yin-ner-ry Eye-brow
No-gro, or No-gur-ro Nose
Kar-ga Mouth
Wil-ling Lips
Da-ra Teeth
Tal-lang Tongue
Wal-lo Chin
Go-ray Ear
Cad-le-ar Neck
Cad-le-ang Na-bung Breast or Nipple
Yar-rin Beard [This they often singe, and describe it
                                as a painful operation]
De-war-ra Hair [This is commonly full of vermin, which
                               I have seen them eat, and change from
                               one soil (sic) to another.]
Bar-rong Belly
Go-rook Knee
Dar-ra Leg
Ma-no-e Foot
Tam-mir-ra Hand
Ber-rll-le Fingers
Car-rung-un Nail
Bib-be Ribs
Ba-rongle Vein
Pa-di-el Flesh or lean
Bog-gay, or Pog-gay Fat
Tar-rang Arm
0-nur Elbow
Wy-o-man-no Thumb
Dar-ra-gal-lic Fore-finger
Ba-roo-gal-lie Middle or ring’d
Wel-leng-al-lie Little finger


Eo-ra The name common for the natives
Mu-la A man
Din A woman
Din-al-le-ong Women [One of the few instances I could ever
                                discover of a plural or dual number]
Be-an-na; this they
shorten to
Be-an and
Be-a, and
when in pain,
they exclaim
Be-a-ri A father
Wy-an-na, and Mother
Go-mang Grandfather
Ba-bun-na Brother
Ma-mun-na Sister
Go-roong A child
We-row-ey A female child
Wong-er-ra A male ditto
Na-bung-ay wui-dal-liez Infant at the breast

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