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the greater clouds
the lesser
Tu-ru-p A star falling
Co-ing bi-bo-ba Sun-rising
Bour-ra The sky
Co-ing bur-re-goo-lah Sun-setting
Gnoo-wing Night
Tar-re-ber-re Day
Gwe-yong Fire
Cad-jee Smoke
Gil-le A spark
Per-mul Earth
Ta-go-ra Cold
Yoo-roo-ga Heat
Men-nie-no-long Dew
Pan-na, and Wal-lan Rain
Ba-do Water
Chi-a-ra Name
Car-rig-er-rang The sea
Go-nie A hut
Now-ey A canoe
Beng-al-le A basket
Car-rah-jun A fishing-line
Gnam-mul A sinker [A small stone to sink the line]
Bur-ra A hook
Ke-ba A stone or rock
Bwo-mar A grave
Bow-wan A shadow
Ma-hn A ghost
Wir-roong Scars on the back
Cong-ar-ray Scars on the breast
jee-run A coward
Can-ning A cave
Me-diong A sore [On noticing a hole in any part of
                                 our dress they term it Me-diong]
Ya-goo-na To-day
Bo-ra-ne Yesterday
Par-ry-boo-go To-morrow
Mul-lin-ow-ool In the morning
Jen-ni-be Laughter
Boo-roo-wang An island [This word they applied
                                    to our ships]
Gno-rang A place
E-ring A valley
Boo-do A torch made of reeds
Mi-yal A stranger [This word has reference to sight;
                                     Mi, the eye.]
Ar-rung-a A calm
Moo-roo-bin Woman’s milk
Ew-ing Truth
Ca-bahn An egg
Yab-bun Instrumental music
Yoo-long or Cleared ground for public ceremonies


Bood-jer-re Good
Wee-re Bad
Mur-ray Great
Gnar-rang Small
Coo-rar-re Long
Too-mur-ro Short
Go-jy Rotten
Bin-nice Pregnant
Par-rat-ber-ri Empty
Bo-ruck Full
Pe-mul-gine Dirty
Bar-gat Afraid
Ba-diel Ill
Moo-la Sick
Boo-row-a Above or upward
Cad-i Below or under
Bar-bug-gi Lost

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