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E-cu-mo The backside
E-kau-wal The chin
E-ki The mouth
E-u-de The penis
E-ai The vulva
E-tek-ke To copulate
E-ma-mi To go to make water
E-tu-tal To go to stool
Pa-ke-da Bald-headed
E-sha-pu Pregnant
E-ko-ki A cripple
E-ka-ta To laugh
E-tan-ge To cry
E-too-ha To spit
E-co-we-ra To breathe
E-ma-my To groan
E-sha, (sounded
expressive of the
action) To sigh
Te-zee-ou-wa, (sounded
expressive of) Sneezing*

[* A compliment is paid by the New Zealanders when one of the company sneezes, by repeating the following lines:  ’Tee-zee, Tee-zee, Pa-way, Pa-way, wa-cou-te-ma-he co-to-ko-eee, drawn out very long.  ’Tu-tu-ro a-te na tan-ga-ta kiti-po, Tu-tu-ra ma-hie na-ta-na-ta kit-eao Tee-zee, Tee-zee, etc.’ as in the first line.  All which means wishes for health from night to morning, and that no bones may be broken by the shock of sneezing.]

E-co-show To hiccough
E-mo-a To sleep
E-ta-ko-te To lie down to sleep
E-a-ra To rise from sleep
E-kow-hae-ra To yawn
E-to-u To break wind
E-ku-pa To belch
E-du-a-ke To puke
E-da-hee Fat
Eet pronounced
as Eat Lean
E-o-ra In health
E-mat-tee means
also death Sick
E-pi Handsome, also clean
E-ke-no Ugly, also dirty
E-ni-a-ymi Pain in general
In-ni-shou E-to-on-ga Tooth-ache
E-hu-de Head-ache
E-de-ka-ra-ka An itching
E-huf-fe Love
He-de-de Hatred, or being dissatisfied
He-ma-ta-kd Fear
E-ka-tou Joy
E-ko-ko-pe Shame
E-kow-wa Loathing
E-wa-ra-wa-ra An error or mistake
E-ko-cut A cut
E-mo-to A blow
E-hou-dang-e To faint
He-kye To eat
E-e-nue To drink
E-matta-he-a-kye Hungry
Ka-ke Satisfied
E-i-ra To walk
E-o-mu To run
E-da-re To jump
E-ka-ou To swim
E-tu-ta-ke To meet any one
Ke-o-ro-mi To make haste
E-no-ho To sit down
E-tu Standing up
E-mo-ki To work
Ka-ko-p-1 To shut a door
Eu-wa-ke To open
E-de-ding-ee To sell

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