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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 744 pages of information about An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, Volume 1.

The following were the prices of grain and other articles, as they were sold during this month at Sydney, and at the market-place at Parramatta.


Flour from 6d to 1s per lb. 
Maize per bushel from 12s 6d to 15s. 
Laying hens from 7s to 10s each. 
Cocks for killing from 4s to 7s each. 
Half grown chickens from 2s 6d to 3s 6d each. 
Chickens six weeks old 1s each. 
Eggs 3s per dozen, or 3d a-piece. 
Fresh pork 1s per lb. 
Potatoes 3d per lb. 
Good white heart cabbages 1d each. 
Greens per dozen 6d. 
Turnips 6d per dozen. 
Sows in pig from L4 10s to L6 6s. 
Sows just taken the boar from L3 to L4 4s. 
Growing pigs from L1 to L2 10s each. 
Sucking pigs 10s each. 
Moist sugar from 1s 6d to 2s 6d per lb. 
Coffee 2s to 2s 6d per lb. 
Salt pork per lb. from 8d to 9d. 
Tobacco, Brazil, per lb. from 3s to 5s.


Flour 1s per lb. 
Maize per bushel from 11s to 13s. 
Laying hens from 7s 6d to 10s each. 
Cocks for killing from 4s 6d to 5s each. 
Chickens two months old 3s each. 
Eggs per dozen 3s. 
Fresh pork per lb. from 1s 1d to 1s 3d. 
Salt pork per lb. from 10d to 1s. 
Potatoes per lb. from 3d to 4d. 
A lot of cabbages, per hundred 10s. 
Tea per lb. from 16s to L1 1s. 
Coffee per lb. from 2s to 3s. 
Moist sugar from 2s to 2s 6d per lb. 
Tobacco grown in the country from 1s 6d to 2s per lb. 
Virginia or Brazil from 4s to 6s. 
Soap from 1s 6d to 2s 6d per lb. 
Cheese from 1s 6d to 2s per lb.

June.] With infinite satisfaction it was observed at the beginning of the month, that the mortality and sickness among the people had very much decreased.  This was attributed by the medical gentlemen to the quantities of fresh meat which had been obtained at Parramatta by the people who were employed to shoot for the hospital; a sufficiency having been brought in at one time to supply the sick with fresh meat for a week; and for the remainder of the month in the proportion of twice or three times a week.  Great quantities of vegetables had also been given to those who were in health, as well as to the sick, both from the public ground at the farther settlement (which had been sown, and produced some most excellent turnips) and from the governor’s garden.

4th.] The anniversary of his Majesty’s birthday was observed with as much distinction as was in our power.  The governor always wished to celebrate that day in the year in a manner that should render it welcome to all descriptions of people in the different settlements.  Heretofore on the same occasion he had increased the ration of provisions; but the situation of the public stores not admitting of such increase at the present, the commissary was directed to issue on that day half a pint of rum to each person

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