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In the course of the month a warrant of emancipation passed the seal of the territory to John Lowe, Henry Cone, Richard Chears, Thomas Fisk, Daniel Cubitt, Charles Pass, George Bolton, William Careless, William Curtis, John Chapman Morris, Thomas Merrick, William Skinner, and James Weavers, convicts who left England in the Guardian, on condition of their residing within the limits of this government, and not returning to England within the period of their respective sentences.  Instructions to this effect had been received from home, Lieutenant Riou having interested himself much in their behalf.  They were to be at liberty to work at any trade they might be acquainted with; but during their continuance in the country they were to be disposed of wherever the governor should think proper.  They were also at liberty to settle land upon their own account.

The numbers who died by sickness in the year 1791 were, one of the civil establishment (H.  E. Dodd); two soldiers; one hundred and fifty-five male and eight female convicts; and five children:  in all one hundred and seventy-one persons (twenty-eight more than had died during the preceding year).

In the above time one male convict was executed; one drowned; four lost in the woods (exclusive of the Irish convicts who had absconded, of whom no certain account was procured); one destroyed himself, and eight men, one woman, and two children, had run from the settlement; making a loss of one hundred and eighty-nine persons.


The Queen sails for Norfolk Island
Whalers on their fishing voyages
Convicts missing
Various depredations
Dispensary and bake-house robbed
A criminal court held
Convict executed
The Pitt with Lieutenant-Governor Grose arrives
Military duty fixed for Parramatta
Goods selling at Sydney from the Pitt
The Pitt ordered to be dispatched to Norfolk Island
Commissions read
The Pitt sails
Mr. Burton killed
Stormy weather
Public works
Regulations respecting persons who had served their terms of transportation


January.] Early in this month sixty-two people, settlers and convicts, with Mr. Bayne, the chaplain of the New South Wales corps, who offered his services, as there never had been a clergyman there, embarked on board the Queen transport for Norfolk Island, the master of that ship having engaged to carry them and a certain quantity of provisions thither for the sum of L150.  Of the settlers twenty-two were lately discharged from the marine service, and the remainder were convicts; some of the latter, whose terms of transportation had expired, had chosen Norfolk Island to settle in, and others were sent to be employed for the public.

This ship, with the Admiral Barrington for India, sailed on the 6th; and the Salamander and Britannia whalers on the 7th, the masters of the two latter ships signifying an intention of cruising for three months upon this coast; at the end of which time, according to their success, they would either return to this port, or pursue their voyage to the northward.

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