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A Musket found by a native
Reports of plans to seize boats
Supply arrives from Norfolk Island
The King’s birthday
A canoe destroyed
Its evil effects
Corn sown
Battery begun
One hundred and forty acres inclosed for cattle
The Mary Ann arrives
Two criminal courts held
Ration improved
The Matilda arrives
The Mary Ann sails for Norfolk Island
The Atlantic and Salamander arrive
Full ration issued
The William and Ann arrives
Public works

May.] Cole-be, the native who since our communication with these people had attached himself to Mr. White, the principal surgeon, made his appearance one morning in the beginning of the month with a musket, which, on diving into the sea for something else, he had brought up with him.  It was supposed to have been lost from Mr. White’s boat in November last at the lower part of the harbour.

The scheme for seizing one of the boats was resumed in this month, and appeared to be in great forwardness.  The boat however was changed, the long-boat being chosen instead of that which was at first thought of.  She was to be seized the first time she should be employed in towing the boy with provisions to Rose Hill; out of which they were to take what quantity they required for their purpose, land the crew, and run her ashore.  On receiving this information, the governor, instead of sending the hoy up with different species of provisions, caused her to be loaded with rice, and a small quantity of flour, in some measure to defeat their scheme, at least for that time, as the information did not state that they had collected any salt provisions.  She was accordingly dispatched with flour and rice, and returned safely, no attempt having been made to stop her.  It was then said, that they were at a loss for a person to navigate her; and that a deposit of powder and ball was made at a farm near the brick-fields; where however, on searching, nothing of the kind was found.  Various other reports were whispered during the month, which, whether founded in truth or not, had this good effect, that every necessary precaution was taken to prevent their succeeding in any attempt of that kind which they might be desperate enough to make.

Much anxiety was excited on account of the long and unusual absence of the Supply, which sailed for Norfolk Island on the 22nd day of March, and did not return to this harbour until the 30th of this month, which completed ten weeks within a day since she sailed.  Contrary winds and heavy gales had prevented her arrival at the time she might have been reasonably expected.  She was three weeks in her passage hither, and was blown off the island for eleven days.

Captain Johnston, Lieutenants Creswell and Kellow, one sergeant, one corporal, one drummer, and twenty privates of the marine detachment, arrived in the Supply; with two prisoners, one a soldier for some irregularity of conduct when sentinel, the other a convict.

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