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among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  To-day I write the last page in the record of thirty bright, happy, Heaven-blessed years among you.  What is written is written.  I shall fold up the book and lay it away with all its many faults; and it will not lose its fragrance while between its leaves are the pressed flowers of your love.  When my closing eyes shall look on that record for the last time, I hope to discover there only one name—­the name that is above every name, the name of Him whose glory crowns this Eastern morn with radiant splendor, the name of Jesus Christ, King of kings, and Lord of lords.  And the last words I utter in this sacred spot are unto Him that loves us and delivers us from sin with His precious blood; and unto God be all the praise and thanks and dominion and glory for ever and ever.  Amen.



Adams, Dr. William, 201-205. 
Albert, Prince, 32. 
Alexander, Archibald, 82, 191-3. 
Alexander, Dr. James W, 9. 
Alexander, Dr. Joseph Addison, 82, 193-5. 
Alexander, Stephen, 9. 
Allen, Mr. Alexander, 314. 
Allison, William J, 121. 
American Seamen’s Friend Society, 255. 
Anderson, Captain James, 146, 149. 
Armstrong, Samuel C, 158. 
Astor, John Jacob, 273, 275-6. 
Aurora, birthplace, I.


Bailey, Joshua, 57. 
Baillie, Mrs. Joanna, 30-1. 
Barnes, Albert, 195. 
Batcheler, General, 231. 
Beecher, Henry Ward, 150, 152, 213-15, 295. 
Beecher, Miss Catherine, 231. 
Binney, Thomas, 170-172. 
Blair, General Francis P., 10. 
Bonar, Dr. Horatius, 40, 42. 
Booth, Mrs. Catherine, 265. 
Booth, General, 265. 
Bowring, Sir John, 39-40. 
Bright, John, 27, 134, 316. 
Brown, Dr. John, 105, 109, 147. 
Brooks, Phillips, 195. 
Burns, Robert, 12, 17-19, 26. 
Bushnell, Horace, 190-1. 
Byron, Lord, 13.


Campbell, Thomas, 31. 
Carlyle, Thomas, 23-9. 
Carnaham, Dr., President of Princeton, 9. 
Carnegie, Andrew, 59-60, 275. 
Cary, Edward, 301. 
Cass, General Lewis, 34. 
Channing, Dr. Ellery, 31. 
Chauncey, Charles, 63. 
Cheeseman, Dr. William, 322. 
Chi Alpha Society, 319. 
Christian Endeavor (See Young People’s Society of, etc.). 
Clark, Rev. Francis E., 87, 247, 258. 
Comstock, Anthony, 264. 
Cook, Joseph, 231. 
Cox, Dr. Samuel Hanson, 209-13. 
Crosby, Fanny, 43. 
Cunningham, Professor, 13. 
Cuyler, Benjamin Ledyard, Dr. Cuyler’s father, 2; died, 3. 
Cuyler, General, 2. 
Cuyler, Dr., ancestry, 1, 2; childhood, 3; farm life, 4; early
  religious training and reading, 5; preparation for college,
  8; college memories, 9-11; visits England and
  France, Wordsworth, Dickens, Carlyle, Mrs. Baillie,
  the Young Queen, Napoleon, 12-36; first

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