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of the church by S. Giovanni[2] and the other exhibits three martyrs, S. Cancio, S. Canciano, and S. Cancianilla, all very beautiful figures.[3] For the church of S. Apollinare also in Ravenna this master painted two pictures, each containing a single figure, S. Giovanni Battista and S. Sebastiano, namely, both highly extolled.[4] There is a picture by the hand of Rondinello in the church of S. Spirito likewise; the subject, Our Lady between S. Jerome and the virgin martyr S. Catherine.[5] In S. Francesco, Rondinello painted two pictures, in one of which are S. Catherine and S. Francesco; while in the other our artist depicted the Madonna accompanied by many figures, as well as by the apostle S. James and by S. Francesco.[6] For the church of S. Domenico, Rondinello painted two pictures; one is to the left of the high altar and exhibits Our Lady with numerous figures; the other is on the fagade of the church and is very beautiful.[7] In the church of S. Niccolo, a monastery of Augustinians, this master painted a picture with S. Lorenzo and S. Francesco, a work which was most highly commended, in so much that it caused Rondinello to be held in the utmost esteem for the remainder of his life, not in Ravenna only, but in all Romagna.[8] The painter here in question lived to the age of sixty years, and was buried in S. Francesco at Ravenna."[9]

[Footnote 1:  This picture would seem to be lost.]

[Footnote 2:  This picture is now in the Brera at Milan, No. 452.]

[Footnote 3:  This picture would seem to be lost.  Milanesi says it was taken to Milan. Vas. v. 254, n. 2.]

[Footnote 4:  There is a Sebastian by this master in the Duomo at Forli; the S. Giovanni panel seems to be lost.]

[Footnote 5:  This is now in the Accademia of Ravenna, No. 6.]

[Footnote 6:  This would seem to have disappeared; but cf.  Brera, 455.]

[Footnote 7:  The first of these remains in S. Domenico, the other is, I think, now in the Accademia, No. 7.]

[Footnote 8:  This picture, too, seems to be lost.]

[Footnote 9:  Vasari (trs.  Foster), vol.  III. pp 382-384.]

In another place, Vasari tells us that the pupil who copied Giovanni Bellini most closely and did him most honour was “Rondinello of Ravenna, of whose aid the master availed himself much in all his works....  Rondinello painted his best work for the church of S. Giovanni Battista in Ravenna.  The church belongs to the Carmelite Friars and in the painting, besides a figure of Our Lady, Rondinello depicted that of S. Alberto, a brother of their order;[10] the head of the saint is extremely beautiful, and the whole work very highly commended."[11]

[Footnote 10:  Now in the Accademia, unnumbered; it represents the Madonna between S. Alberto and S. Sebastian.]

[Footnote 11:  Vasari (trs.  Foster), vol.  II. pp. 171-172.]

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