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[Footnote 141:  (cont.) breeds believe what he says and the half breeds makes some of the full blood Indians believe what he says that they (the Indians) must help the secessionists.  Then that is so—­but as for himself he don’t believe him yet.  Then he thought the old U.S. was alive yet and the Treaty was good.  Wont go against the U.S. himself—­That is the reason the Secessions want to have him—­The Secessionists offered 5000$ for his head because he would not go against the U.S.  Never knew that Creek have an agent here until he come and see him and that is why I have come among this Union people.  Have come in and saw my agent and want to go by the old Treaty.  Wants to get with U.S.  Army so that I can get back to my people as Secessionists will not let me go.  Wants the Great Father to send the Union Red people and Troops down the Black Beaver road and he will guide them to his country and then all his people will be for the Union—­That he cannot get back to his people any other way—­Our Father to protect the land in peace so that he can live in peace on the land according to the Treaty—­At the time I left my union people I told them to look to the Beaver Road until I come.  Promised his own people that the U.S.  Army would come back the Beaver Road and wants to go that way—­The way he left his country his people was in an elbow surrounded by secessions and his people is not strong enough against them for Union and that is the reason he has come up for help—­Needed guns, powder, lead to take to his own people.  Own people for the Union about 3350 warriors all Creeks—­Needed now clothing, tents for winter, tools, shirts, and every thing owned by whites,—­wants their annuity as they need it now—­The Indians and the Whites among us have done nothing against any one but the Secessionists have compelled us to fight and we are willing to fight for the Union.  Creek half breeds joined secessionists. 32 head men and leaders-27 towns for the Union among Creeks

Signed:  Oke-tah-hah-shah-haw Choe his X mark.

Talk of Chickasaw Chief, Toe-Lad-Ke

Says—­Will talk short words—­have had fever and sick—­Secessionists told him no more U.S. no more Treaty—­all broken up better make new Treaty with Secessionists—­Although they told him all this did not believe them and that is reason came up to see if there was not still old U.S.—­Loves his country—­loves his children and would not believe them yet—­That he did not believe what the Secessionists told him and they would not let him live in peace and that is the reason he left his country—­The secessionists want to tie him—­whip him and make him join them—­but he would not and he left.

  100 warriors for secession—­
  2240 do " Union


disconcerting, not because Lane was hostile to Hunter personally—­the two men had long had a friendly acquaintance

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