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Stanton, Edwin M:  75, footnote, 76; refuses to countenance use of Indians as soldiers, 76 and footnote; efficient administration of, 96; deprecates interference in military affairs in Kansas, 98 and footnote

Stanton, Frederick P:  59, 72, footnote

State Department (Confederate):  171, 172, footnote

State Rights:  18

Statutes at Large of Provisional Government:  work cited, 174, footnote

Stearns, Frank Preston:  work cited, in footnotes on pages 42, 87

Steele, Frederick:  in command of Department of Arkansas, 322; argues over military status of Fort Smith, 321-322

Steele, James:  special agent, 100; infers Halleck unfavorable to Indian expedition, 101; presents credentials at arsenal at Fort Leavenworth, 101; Sac and Fox chiefs willing to abide by decision, 235, footnote

Steele, William:  247; to report to Holmes for duty, 245, footnote; preferred to Cooper, 246; sends most of troops in direction of Red River, 248; takes large view of responsibilities to Indian Territory, 253; difficulties and embarrassments, 261-269; appeal for loyalty to Confederate cause, 267-268, footnote; ex officio superintendent of Indian affairs, 275-276; regards Indian Territory as buffer, 276; influences to undermine, 278; makes stand in Creek country, 291; opposition to, 310; command in bad condition, 292; crosses from Creek into Choctaw country, 295; journeys to Bonham to consult with McCulloch, 302-303; command detached from that of Arkansas, 303; size of force, 305, footnote; work discredited and disparaged by Cooper, 306; policy and practice in matter of feeding indigents and refugees, 307 and footnote; relieved of command of Indian Territory, 311; Kirby Smith commends work, 318

Stettaner Bros:  211, footnote

Stevens, Robert S:  211, footnote, 212, 226 and footnote

Stevens, Thaddeus:  57, 60, footnote

Stidham, George W:  62, footnote, 173, footnote

Stockton’s Hall:  58 and footnote

Sturgis, S.D:  Lane ordered to cooeperate with, 56; placed in command of District of Kansas, 98; policy with respect to First Indian Expedition, 103-104; opposed to idea of Indian expedition, 104; military despotism, 104; forbids enlistment of Indians, 105; refusal to reinstate Weer, 117, footnote

Sugar Creek (Ark.):  30, footnote

Sumner, E.V:  260, footnote

Susquehanna River:  232

Tahlequah (Okla.):  132, 136; Rains makes headquarters, 130, footnote; Hindman places white cavalry at, 192; Blunt’s expeditionary force seizes archives and treasury of Cherokee Nation, 193; Hindman appears in, 193; steamer, 263, footnote

Talliaferro (Taliaferro?), T.D:  267, footnote

Tandy Walker:  supporter of Cooper, 265; recruits among Choctaws, 265; appointment, 265, footnote; asks for establishment of Indian Territory as separate military department, 279; commanded Regiment of Choctaws and Chickasaws at Honey Springs, 288; indulging in petty graft, 306, footnote; service of Choctaws under, in Camden campaign, 326; has command of Second Indian Brigade, 327

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