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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 394 pages of information about The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War.

Oh-Chen-Yah-Hoe-Lah:  69, footnote

Oke-Tah-hah-shah-haw Choe:  talk, 66, footnote

Olathe (Kans.):  205

Old George:  203

Oldham, Williamson S:  157 and footnote, 176, footnote

Opoeth-le-yo-ho-la:  24, 63, footnote, 73, footnote, 76 and footnote, 79; defeated by McIntosh in Battle of Chustenahlah, 79; lodges complaint against Coffin, 87; friends oppose election of Ock-tah-har-sas Harjo as principal chief, 89; interviews Lane, 94; Coffin talks with, on subject of Indian Expedition, 102-103, footnote; wants “wagons that shoot,” 117; Creeks under, offered home by Osages, 207 and footnote, 229; Ellithorpe complains of, 219, footnote; death, 234

Osage County (Kans.):  80

Osage Nation:  47, footnote

Osage Reservation (Kans.):  exposed condition of, 55; refugees cross, 79; intruders upon, 222 and footnote; owners unwilling to cede part of, 229-230

Osage River:  27

Osages:  252; bad white men interfering with, 46; disturbances

among, 46, footnote, 47, footnote; Mitchell schemes to negotiate treaty with, 47, footnote; offer assistance to U.S., 49; John Matthews, trader among, 53, footnote; loyalty asserted, 54, footnote; Coffin to cooeperate with Elder in negotiating with, 87-88, footnote; attempt to persuade enlistment for First Indian Expedition, 115, 207; approached for cession of lands, 116, 222; abandon Confederate cause, 121; Weer promotes enlistment of, 121; service rendered by, 207, footnote; offer home to Creeks, 207 and footnote, 229, 237-238; memorialize Congress, 229; disgusted with Coffin’s draft of treaty of cession, 229; Dole makes treaty with, 235, 239 and footnote; massacre of Confederate officers, 237-238, footnote; council of Great and Little, 237, footnote; unfair advantage taken by representatives of U.S. government, 238; terms of Dole’s treaty with, 239, footnote; makes propositions to Dole, 240-241, footnote; Dorn reported to have funds for, 264, footnote; Jim Ned’s band involved in serious difficulties with, 274, footnote; invited to inter-tribal council, 274-275, footnote

Osceola (Mo.):  Lane burns, 55

Ottawas:  included within Sac and Fox Agency, 212; receive refugees upon certain conditions, 212-213; extend further hospitality to refugees, 213, footnote

Pagy, A.T:  65, footnote

Park Hill (Okla.):  Pike tarries at, 28; Drew’s regiment stationed near in, footnote; Greene sent with detachment to Tahlequah and, 136; Blunt’s expeditionary force reaches, 193; Phillips has camp at, 258

Parke County (Ind.):  80, footnote

Parks, R.C:  113, footnote

Parks, Thomas J:  248, footnote

Parsons, Luke F:  285

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