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Martin’s Regiment:  308, footnote

Marysville (Okla.):  112

Matthews, John:  incensing Osages and Cherokees against U.S. government, 47, footnote; death, 53 and footnote; had commission from McCuIloch, 54, footnote

Maxey, Samuel B:  assigned to command of Indian Territory, 311; project for sweeping reforms, 315 and footnote; delivers address at Armstrong Academy council, 320

and footnote; thinks Indians best adapted for irregular warfare, 326; cooeperates with Price willingly, 326-327; rulings, 329-330, footnote; sets up printing-press for propaganda work, 330; speaks in own defense, 334; superseded by Cooper, 334

Maysville (Ark.):  131, 197

Maremec River (Mo.):  27

Methodist Episcopal Church South:  236, footnote

Mexican War:  70; Roane’s conduct in, criticised by Pike, 149

Mexico:  Lane in, 42, footnote; teams hauling cotton to, 266, footnote

Miamies:  77, footnote

Mico Hatki:  62, footnote, 64, footnote, 108,
footnote, 234

Middle Boggy (Okla.):  152, 296

Miles, W. Porcher:  278, footnote

Mills, James K.:  113

Mississippi River:  14, footnote, 26, footnote, 34, 268, footnote

Missouri:  17, 173, footnote; decisive result of Battle of Pea Ridge, 13; expected Confederacy to force situation for her, 18; requisition upon, for troops, 25; relief planned by Van Dorn, 26, 34; Indians to cut off supplies from, 35; fight for, on border, 43-44; troops from Kansas called to, 48; Denver served in, 70; activity of secessionists, 110; Payton, senator from, 176, footnote; Hindman and others plan to reenter southwest, 194, 218; Delaware Reservation not far distant from, 206; Martin refuses to consider refugees living upon impoverished people of, 217-218; political squabbles in, 249, footnote; Watie succeeds in entering southwestern, 312; Boudinot suggests arrangements for, 317, footnote

Missouri Commandery:  work cited, 148, footnote

Missouri River:  53

Missouri State Guard:  17, 158

Missouri State Guards:  Eighth Division, 130, footnote

Missourians:  customary fighting methods during period of border warfare, 17, 44; refugee, in Lane’s Kansas Brigade, 51; inroads resented by various tribes, 77, footnote; intent upon ignoring First Indian Expedition, 119, footnote; battalion of, at Locust Grove, 131

Mitchell, Robert B:  appointment by Robinson, 46, footnote; raises volunteers to go against Indians, 46, footnote; needed by Halleck, 101 and footnote

Mix, Charles E:  52, footnote, 60, 208, footnote

“Moderates”:  304, footnote

Mograin, Charles:  207, footnote, 241, footnote

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