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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 394 pages of information about The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War.

Longtown Creek (Okla.):  295, footnote

Louisiana:  portion included within Trans-Mississippi District, 20; requisition upon, for troops, 25; portion included within Trans-Mississippi Department, 192 and footnote; western, detached from Trans-Mississippi Department, 246

Love, William DeLoss:  work cited in footnotes on pages 118, 138

Lower Creeks:  62, footnote

Lyon, Nathaniel:  work to be repeated, 14; insight into Indian character, 48; death, 49

McClellan, George B:  13, 75, footnote, 96

McClish, Fraser:  62, footnote

McCulloch, Ben:  refuses to cooeperate with Price, 14, 56; takes position in Arkansas, 15; relations with leading Confederates in Arkansas and Missouri, 16; little in common with Price, 17; indifference towards Missouri, 18; proceeds to Richmond to discuss matters in controversy, 19; driven back into northwestern Arkansas, 26; death, 31, 34; had approved of using Indians against Kansas, 31, footnote; commission from, found on John Matthews, 54, footnote; had diverted Pike’s supplies, 147-148

McCulloch, Henry E:  in command of Northern Sub-district of Texas, 302; opinion of conditions in Indian Territory, 306, footnote

McCurtain, J:  312, footnote

McDaniel, James:  231, footnote

McDonald, Hugh:  173, footnote

McGee’s Residence:  47, footnote

McIntosh, Chilly:  25, 62, footnote, 152

McIntosh, D.N:  colonel in command of First Creek Regiment, 25; arrives at Camp Stephens, 32; under orders to advance up Verdigris toward Santa Fe road, 152; conduct as commander, 285, footnote; commanded First and Second Creek at Honey Springs, 288

McIntosh, James:  29, footnote; death, 31, 34; defeated
Opoeth-le-yo-ho-la in Battle of Chustenahlah, 79

McIntosh, Unee:  62, footnote

McIntosh, William:  255, footnote

Mackey’s Salt Works (Okla.):  325

McNeil, John:  297 and footnote, 305

Magazine Mountains:  266, footnote

Magruder, John Bankhead:  to command Trans-Mississippi Department, 186; delay, 186, footnote; appointment, rescinded, 187; orders Bankhead to Steele’s assistance, 291-292; proposes consolidation of commands for recovery of Forts Smith and Gibson, 302; tries to deprive Steele of white force, 306, 311, footnote; wants Indian Territory attached to Texas, 306, footnote

Manypenny, George W:  221

Marmaduke, John S:  251, 327

Marston, B.W:  329, footnote

Marque and Reprisal Law:  21

Martial Law:  162 and footnote

Martin, George W:  work cited, 59, footnote

Martin, H.W:  entrusted with mission by Coffin, 122 and footnote, 133; opinion regarding refugees, 209, 217-218; arrangements for inter-tribal council, 273, footnote

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