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Lawrenceburg (Ind.):  43, footnote

Lawrence Republican:  58, footnote

Leased District (Okla.):  181-182, 198

Leavenworth Daily Conservative:  58, footnote

Lee, Robert E:  186, footnote, 187

Lee, R.W:  307, footnote

Leeper, Matthew:  authorized to enlist men, 173, footnote; departs for Texas, 183; murder, 183

Leetown (Ark.):  30, 31

Leroy (Kans.):  86, 229, 239 and footnote; arrangements for keeping cattle, 54, footnote; Lane builds stockades, 55; council held by Cutler at, 62, footnote; substituted for Humboldt as place for council, 69; sessions of council, 69-70; Indian Brigade left, for Humboldt, 115, footnote; Weer returns to, 121; some Quapaws at, 204, footnote; Osages at, 207; Blunt thinks refugees not properly cared for, 215; Dole negotiates with Osages at, 239 and footnote

Lexington (Mo.):  52, footnote, 55

Limestone Gap:  111, footnote

Limestone Prairie:  328

Lincoln, Abraham:  71, 72 and footnote, 211, footnote; suggests Hunter’s falling back, 13; calls for volunteers, 41; approached by Phelps and Blair, 49; popularity asserted, 54, footnote; fears Fremont’s supineness, 56; Lane urged to seek interview with, 58; appointment of Cameron mistake, 60; attention solicited by Dole, 61; sickness in family, 76, footnote; refugees appeal to, 87 and footnote; estimate of Halleck, 96; protests to, against appointment of Denver, 97; wires Halleck to defer assignment of Denver, 97-98; responsible for Blunt’s promotion, 107, footnote; Ross to intercede with, 192, footnote; inquires into practicability of occupying Cherokee country, 216; selects Schofield to succeed Curtis, 260; Amnesty Proclamation distributed among Indians, 322

Lindsay’s Prairie:  216

Linn County (Kans.):  101, footnote

Lipans:  274, footnote

Little Arkansas River:  275, footnote

Little Bear:  240, footnote

Little Bear Band of Osages:  238, footnote

Little Blue River (Okla.):  151, footnote

Little Boggy (Okla.):  112

Little Osage River:  45, 52

Little Rock (Ark.):  36, 63, footnote, 190; Van Dorn assumes command at, 25; Hindman assumes command at, 128; Hindman orders Pike to move part of forces to, 147; Scott endeavours to interview Holmes in, 299

Livermore, William Roscoe:  work cited in footnotes on 260, 269, 270

Locust Grove (Okla.):  skirmish at, 33, 131-132; Clarkson’s commissary captured at, 138; defeat of Confederates at, counted heavily against Pike, 161

Lo-ka-la-chi-ha-go:  109, footnote

Lo-ga-po-koh:  109, footnote

Long Tiger:  103, footnote

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