The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War eBook

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Hadley, Jeremiah:  236, footnote

Halleck, Henry W:  in command of Department of Missouri, 27; plans for Denver, 71; disparaging remarks, 75, footnote; probable reason for objecting to use of Indians in war, 75, footnote; in charge of Department of Mississippi, 96; Lincoln’s estimate of, 96; instructed regarding First Indian Expedition, 100; opposed to arming Indians, 101; interested in suppression of jayhawkers and guerrillas, 101; well rid of Kansas, 106, footnote; disregard of orders respecting Indian Expedition, 109; calls for men, 259

Hallum, John:  work cited, 149, footnote

Halpine, Charles G:  96

Hanly, Thomas B:  176

Hardin, Captain:  276, footnote

Harlan, David M:  232, footnote

Harlan, James:  214 and footnote

Harper’s Ferry Investigating Committee:  226-227

Harrell, J.M:  work cited in footnotes on pages 23, 149, 188, 190, 194, 249, 251, 284, 289

Harris, Cyrus:  63, footnote

Harris, John:  207, footnote

Harris, J.D:  152

Harrison, J.E:  267, footnote

Harrison, LaRue:  259

Harrisonville (Mo.):  55

Hart’s Company:  266, footnote

Hart’s Spies:  153

Hay, John:  work cited in footnotes on pages 41, 45, 96

Hebert, Louis:  34

Helena (Ark.):  283

Henning, B.S:  207, footnote

Herndon, W.H:  214, footnote

Herron, Francis J:  249, 260

Heth, Henry:  19

Hindman, Thomas C:  119, footnote; appointment, 127, footnote; assumes command of Trans-Mississippi District, 128, 186; disparagement of Pike’s command, 128, footnote; orders Pike’s white auxiliary to move to Little Rock, 147; begins controversy with Pike, 156; starts new attack upon Pike, 161; justification for treatment of Pike, 162; impossible to be reconciled to Pike, 163; withdraws approval of Pike’s resignation, 169; placed in charge of District of Arkansas, 192; appears in Tahlequah, 193; summoned by Holmes, 194; instructed to let Pike go free, 200; resorts to save expense, 247; recall demanded by Arkansas delegation, 270; associates appraised by, 270, footnote; asks for assignment to Indian Territory, 270, footnote; feeds indigents at cost of army commissary, 307

Hitchcock, E.A:  98, footnote

Ho-go-bo-foh-yah:  82

Holmes, Theophilus H:  127, footnote, 166, footnote; appointed to command of Trans-Mississippi Department, 187; develops prejudice against Pike, 188; grants Pike leave of absence, 190; real reasons for unfriendliness to Pike, 198-199; orders arrest of Pike, 199; forced to concede Indian claim to some consideration, 200; command placed under supervision of Kirby Smith, 269; relations with Hindman, 269; displacement demanded by Arkansas delegation, 270; Price commands in District of Arkansas during illness, 299, footnote; not friend of Steele, 311

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