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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 394 pages of information about The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War.

Fort Cobb (Okla.):  15, 60, footnote, 112, 153, 275, footnote; about to be abandoned by Texan volunteers, 173, footnote; McKuska appointed to take charge of remaining property, 174, footnote

Fort Davis (Okla.):  Campbell discovers strong Confederate force at, 136; Cooper orders Indians to report at, 137; many of buildings destroyed by order of Phillips, 220 and footnote, 254

Fort Gibson (Okla.):  Pike’s headquarters not far from, 22; Choctaw troops guard road by Perryville towards, 112; Hindman orders Pike to establish headquarters at, 128, footnote; Campbell halts at, 136; Weer inclined to wander from straight road to, 139; newly-fortified, given name of Fort Blunt, 260; Blunt undertakes to go to,

261; Cooper learns of approach of train of supplies for, 272, footnote; Creeks obliged to stay at, 273, footnote; Phillips despatches Foreman to reenforce Williams, 284; Steele’s equipment inadequate to taking of Fort Gibson, 286, 290-291; Phillips continues in charge at, 305; Cherokees intent upon recovery, 311; Phillips to complete fortifications at, 325; rapid changing of commands at, 333, 335

Fort Larned (Kans.):  112, 152

Fort Leavenworth (Kans.):  73, footnote, 123, footnote; protected, 45; Prince in charge at, 55; troops ordered to, 60, footnote; Hunter stationed at, 69, footnote; arms for Indian Expedition to be delivered at, 100

Fort Lincoln (Kans.):  52

Fort McCulloch (Okla.):  constructed under Pike’s direction, 110; Pike to advance from, 119, footnote; Pike’s force at, not to be despised, 128; Cherokees exasperated by Pike’s continued stay at, 159; Pike departs from, 162

Fort Roe (Kans.):  80, 85

Fort Scott (Kans.):  213, 214; Lane at, 45, 51; chief Federal stronghold in middle Southwest, 46; temporary headquarters for Neosho Agency, 50; abandoned by Lane in anticipation of attack by Price, 52; Indian council transferred to, 74, footnote; Blunt succeeds Denver at, 98; tri-weekly post between St. Joseph and, 116; supply train from, waited for, 126; Indians mustered in at, 132; Weer cautioned against allowing communication to be cut off, 138-139; Phillips’s communication with, threatened, 272; Steele plans to take, 286

Fort Smith (Ark.):  Drew’s Cherokees marching from, to Fayetteville, 28, footnote; troops ordered withdrawn from, 60, footnote; Choctaw troops watch road to, 112; indignation in, against Pike, 158; martial law instituted in, 162, footnote; attempt to make permanent headquarters for Arkansas and Red River Superintendency, 176-177; plans to push Confederate line northward of, 192; conditions in and around, 247, 269, footnote; Phillips despairs of Choctaw recruiting while in Confederate hands, 258-259; Steele takes command at, 261; door of Choctaw country, 290; becomes Blunt’s headquarters, 304; Steele expects Federals to attempt a drive from, to Red River, 311; included within restored Department of Kansas, 321; dispute over jurisdiction of, 324; included within re-organized Department of Arkansas, 325; Indian raids around, 331

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