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First Choctaw Regiment:  under Col.  Sampson Folsom, 152; ordered to Fort Gibson, 155; men unanimously reenlist for duration of war, 328; demands, 328

First Creek Regiment:  commanded by D.N.  McIntosh, 25; men gather at Cantonment Davis, 27; two hundred men gather at Camp Stephens, 32; about to make extended scout westward, 112; under orders to advance up Verdigris toward Santa Fe road, 152

First Indian Brigade:  327

First Indian Expedition:  had beginnings in Lane’s project, 41; revival of interest in, 99; Denver, Steele, and Coffin cooeperate to advance, 102; arms go forward to Leroy and Humboldt, 102; time propitious for, 103; policy of Sturgis not yet revealed, 103-104; Steele, Denver, and Wright in dark regarding, 103, footnote; Steele issues order against enlistment of Indians, 105; vigor restored by re-establishment of Department of Kansas, 106; orders for resuming enlistment of Indians, 106-107; organization proceeding apace, 113 and footnote; outfit of Indians decidedly inferior, 117; Weer appointed to command of, 117 and footnote; Doubleday proposed for command of, 118; existence ignored by Missourians, 119, footnote; destruction planned by Stand Watie and others, 120 and footnote; Weer attempts to expedite movement, 121; special agents accompany, 121-122 and footnote; component parts encamp at Baxter Springs, 125; First Brigade put under Salomon, 125; Second Brigade put under Judson, 125; advance enters Indian Territory unmolested, 126; forward march and route, 126; Hindman proposes to check progress, 129; march, 130; delicate position with respect to U.S.  Indian policy, 134; troubles begin, 138; supplies insufficient, 138; in original form brought to abrupt end, 143; Pike’s depreciatory opinion, 164 and footnote; Osages join conditionally, 207 and footnote; Gillpatrick serves ends of diplomacy between John Ross and, 271

First Kansas:  97, footnote

First Missouri Cavalry:  113

First Regiment Cherokee Mounted Rifles:  commanded by John Drew, 25; joins Pike at Smith’s Mill, 28; movements and conduct at Pea Ridge, 32; iniquitous designs, 33; stationed in vicinity of Park Hill, 111, footnote; defection after defeat at Locust Grove, 132

First Regiment Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles:  commanded by Cooper, 25; gathers at Camp Stephens, 32; goes out of service, 153; two companies post themselves in upper part of Indian Territory, 155; eight companies encamp near Fort McCulloch, 155; fights valiantly at Battle of Newtonia, 194

Flanagin, Harris:  270, footnote, 287, footnote

Folsom, Sampson:  152, 155

Folsom, Simpson N:  152

Foreman, John A:  144, 284, 285

Formby, John:  work cited, 19, footnote

Fort Arbuckle (Okla.):  15, 60, footnote, 184 and

Fort Blunt (Okla.):  260

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