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Clarkson placed in Cherokee country, 159, footnote

Drywood Creek (Kans.):  Federal defeat at, 51 and footnote; Price breaks camp at, 52, footnote; fugitive Indians on, 195, footnote, 209, footnote; Cherokee camp raided by guerrillas, 213-214

Du Bose, J.J:  288, footnote

Duval, B.G:  266, footnote

Dwight’s Mission:  217

East Boggy (Okla.):  296

Eaton, Rachel Caroline:  work cited, 257, footnote

Echo Harjo:  278, footnote

Edgar County (Ill.):  84, footnote

Edwards, John Newman:  work cited in footnotes on pages 14, 151, 194, 198

Elder, Peter P:  48, footnote, 204; makes Fort Scott headquarters of Neosho Agency, 50; disputes with Coffin, 116-117, 207, footnote; prevails upon Ottawas to extend hospitality to refugees, 213, footnote; suspicious of Coffin, 229

Elk Creek (Okla.):  Kiowas select home on, 153; Cooper encamps on, 287, footnote

Elkhorn Tavern (Ark.):  30 and footnote

Ellithorpe, A.C:  105, footnote, 115, footnote, 131, footnote; with detachment at Vann’s Ford, 144; disapproves of attempting to return refugees at early date, 209-211 and footnote; complains of Opoeth-le-yo-ho-la, 219, footnote; opinion about Indian Home Guards, 251

Elm Springs (Ark.):  35

El Paso (Tex.):  48

Emancipation Proclamation:  Fremont’s, 57; Lincoln’s, 234

Evansville (Ark.):  28

Ewing, Thomas:  304, footnote, 321, footnote

“Extremists”:  305, footnote

Fairhaven (Mass.):  31, footnote

Fall River (Kans.):  79, 81, 82, footnote, 84-85, 273,

False Wichita (Washita) River (Okla.):  153

Farnsworth, H.W:  205, footnote, 236, footnote

Fayetteville (Ark.):  28, footnote, 256; battle of, 218, footnote

Federals:  early encounter with, anticipated by Van Dorn, 20; expulsion from Missouri planned by Van Dorn, 26; drive back Confederates under McCulloch and Price, 26; disposition to over-estimate number of enemy, 30, footnote; attempt to recover battery seized by Indians at Leetown, 31; in occupation of northern Arkansas, 34; defeat at Wilson’s Creek, 49; defeat at Drywood Creek, 51-52 and footnote; showing unwonted vigor on northeastern border of Cherokee country, 112, footnote; flight, 113, footnote; Stand Watie on watch for, 130; defeat in Battle of Newtonia, 194-195 and footnotes; direct efforts towards arresting Hindman’s progress, 218; grants to Indian Territory, 250; foraging and scouting, 253; in possession of Fort Smith, 290; Steele places drive from Fort Smith to Red River, 311; fail to pursue Stand Watie, 312

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