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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 394 pages of information about The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War.

Department of Kansas:  Hunter in command, 27, 61, 70; consolidated with Department of Missouri, 96; reestablished, 106 and footnote; Blunt assigned to command, 106, 118; restored, Curtis in command, 321

Department of Mississippi:  96, 105

Department of Missouri:  Halleck in command, 27, 61; consolidated with
Department of Kansas, 96

Department of Mountain:  96

Department of Potomac:  96

Department of West:  27, 61

De Smet, Father:  234

De Soto (Kans.):  236, footnote

Dickey, M.C:  226 and footnote

District of Arkansas:  Hindman in command, 192; Price in command during illness of Holmes, 299, footnote; Price succeeds Holmes, 326

District of Frontier:  Blunt in command, 286; McNeil relieves Blunt, 305; Schofield institutes investigation, 305, footnote

District of Kansas:  Denver assigned to command of, 97; Sturgis assigned to, 98; checks progress of First Indian Expedition, 105; Schofield advises complete separation from Army of Frontier, 248; re-constituted with headquarters at Fort Leavenworth, 249

District of Texas:  306, footnote, 318, footnote

Dole, R.W:  74, footnote, 114, footnote

Dole, William P:  53, footnote, 54, footnote; absent on mission to West, 60; submits new evidence of serious state of affairs among Indians, 61; authority of U.S. over Indians to be maintained, 61; Lane’s plans appeal to, 72-73; disappointed over Stanton’s reversal of policy for use of Indian troops, 76; countermands orders for enlistment of Indians, 77; warned that army supplies to refugees to be discontinued, 83; Coffin and Ritchie apply for new instructions regarding First Indian Expedition, 105-106; reports adversely upon subject of Lane’s motion, 223; motives considered, 225; submits views on Pomeroy’s project for concentration of tribes, 230, footnote; undertakes mission to West, 234; treaties made by, 234 et seq.; detained by Delawares and by Quantrill’s raid upon Lawrence, 238-239 and footnote; negotiates with Osages at Leroy, 239 and footnote; treaties impeachable, 241

Dorn, Andrew J:  mentioned, 263, footnote, 264, footnote; avowed secessionist, 47, footnote

Doubleday, Charles:  114, footnote; colonel of Second Ohio Cavalry, 118; Weer to supersede, 119; proposes to attempt to reach Fort Gibson, 119; desirous of checking Stand Watie, 119; indecisive engagement on Cowskin Prairie, 119 and footnote; ordered not to go into Indian Territory, 120; left at Baxter Springs by Weer, 121

Downing, Lewis:  231, footnote, 255, 256

Drew, John:  dispersion of regiment, 24, 132; movements of men at Pea Ridge, 32; finds refuge at Camp Stephens, 35; authorized to furlough men, 111, footnote; regiment stationed in vicinity of Park Hill, 111, footnote; desires

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