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Adams, C. W:  333

Ah-pi-noh-to-me:  108, footnote

Aldrich, Cyrus:  225, footnote, 229, footnote

Alexander, A. M:  267, footnote

Allen’s Battery:  146

Allen County (Kans.):  82, footnote

Aluktustenuke:  94, footnote, 108, footnote

Amnesty Proclamation:  322

Anderson, Mrs. Mabel Washbourne:  work cited in footnotes on pages 127, 130, 138, 194, 197, 271, 272, 288

Anderson, S. S:  265, footnote

Arapahoes:  274, footnote

Arizona Territory:  61-62

Arkadelphia (Ark.):  261

Arkansans:  circulate malicious stories about Pike, 160, footnote; lawless, 264; unable to decide arbitrarily about Indian movements, 326

Arkansas:  regards McCulloch as defender, 15; Van Dora’s requisition for troops, 25; Federals occupy northern, 34; Pike to call for aid, 36; attack from direction of, expected, 48; left in miserable plight by Van Dorn, 128; army men exploited Pike’s command, 150; R.W.  Johnson serves as delegate from, 175; R.W.  Johnson becomes senator from in the First Congress, 176; Thomas B. Hanly, representative from, introduces bill for establishment of Indian superintendency, 176; disagreeable experiences of Indians in, 177; Pike recommends separation of Indian Territory from both Texas and, 179; unsafe to leave interests of Indian Territory subordinated to those of, 246; political squabbles in, 249, footnote; Indian Home Guards not intended for use in, 259; privilege of writ of habeas corpus suspended, 269; Blunt and Curtis want possession of western counties, 325

Arkansas and Red River Superintendency:  181; territorial limits, 177; officials, 177-178; restrictions upon Indians and white men, 178; Pike recommends organization, 179; Cooper seeks appointment as superintendent, 179

Arkansas Military Board:  15, 16

Arkansas Post (Ark.):  loss of, 270

Arkansas River:  mentioned, 165, 192, 194, 216, 268, footnote, 272, footnote, 295; Pike’s headquarters near junction with Verdigris, 22; Pike to call troops to prevent descent, 36; Indian refugees reach, 85; Indians flee across, 135; Campbell to examine alleged position of enemy south, 136; Federals in possession of country north of, 198; Stand Watie and Cooper pushed below, 220; Phillips to hold line of, 251; Schofield desires control of entire length of course, 260; Blunt patrolling, 293; Stand Watie to move down, to vicinity of Fort Smith,

271, footnote; Osages, Pottawatomies, Cheyennes, and others to gather on, 274-275, footnote; natural line of defence, 315; seizure of supply boat on, 327

Arkansas State Convention:  16

Arkansas Volunteers:  60, footnote

Armstrong Academy (Okla.):  meeting of Indian General Council at, 317; unfortunate delay of Scott in reaching, 320; Southern Indians renew pledge of loyalty to Confederate States at, 323

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