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UNITED STATES SENATE, Report of the Committee on the Conduct of the War, 37th congress, third session, no. 108 (1863), 3 vols.; 38th congress, second session, no. 142 (1865), 3 vols. and Supplemental Report (1866), 2 vols.

——­ Committee Reports, no. 278, 36th congress, first session, being testimony before a Select Committee of the Senate, appointed to inquire into the Harper’s Ferry affair.


Aside from the Confederate Records, which are not regular War Department files, papers have been examined there for the Civil War period, although not by any means exhaustively.  Enough were examined, however, to show reason for disparaging somewhat the work of the editors of the Official Records.  Apparently, the editors, half of them northern sympathizers and half of them southern, proceeded upon a principle of selection that necessitated exchanging courtesies of omission.

WAR OF THE REBELLION.  Compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies (Washington), 129 serial volumes and an index volume.

The volumes used extensively in the present work were, first series, volumes iii, viii, xiii, xxii, parts 1 and 2, xxvi, part 2, xxxiv, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, xli, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4, xlviii, parts 1 and 2, liii, supplement; fourth series, volume iii.


ABEL, ANNIE HELOISE.  American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist (Cleveland, 1915).

——­ History of events resulting in Indian consolidation west of the Mississippi.

American Historical Association Report, 1906, 233-450.

——­ Indian reservations in Kansas and the extinguishment of their titles.

Kansas Historical Society Collections, vol. viii, 72-109.

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Biographical Congressional Directory, 1774-1903.

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D.C., 1903).

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Connecticut, 1884-1886), 2 vols.

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(Durham, North Carolina, 1913).

BORLAND, WILLIAM P. General Jo.  O. Shelby.

Missouri Historical Review, vol. vii, 10-19.

BOUTWELL, GEORGE SEWALL.  Reminiscences of sixty years in public affairs (New York, 1902), 2 vols.

BOYDEN, WILLIAM L. The character of Albert Pike as gleaned from his correspondence.

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