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Dawson Turner
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Rabelais, his autograph. Reseda luteola, cultivated near Rouen. Richelieu, Cardinal, abbot of St. Stephen’s at Caen. Roads in France, compared with those in England. Robert the Devil, his castle near Moulineaux. Romance, subjects borrowed from, sculptured on a capital in St. Peter’s, at Caen. Rupierre, William of, Bishop of Lisieux, resists the power of King John.


St. Adrian, Chapel of, near Rouen.
St. Clotilda, her fountain, at Andelys
  still worshipped there.
St. Evroul, abbey of, founded by William de Gerouis,
  residence of Ordericus Vitalis.
St. Georges de Bocherville, abbey of, founded by Ralph de Tancarville,
  its history,
  abbey church described
  sculpture in ditto
St. Germain, church of, at Pont Audemer.
St. Germain de Blancherbe, church of.
St. Gervais, church of, at Falaise.
St. Giles, church of, at Evreux.
St. Jacques, church of at Lisieux.
St. John, church of, at Caen.
St. Lascivus, bishop of Bayeux.
St. Lupus, bishop of Bayeux, so called from destroying the wolves.
St. Maimertus, subterranean chapel dedicated to, in Bayeux cathedal.
St. Michael, church of, in the suburb of Vaucelles, at Caen.
St. Nicholas, church of at Caen
  its roof like those of the Irish stone-roofed chapels.
St. Peter, church of at Caen
  sculpture upon the capital of one of the columns.
St. Philibert, founder of Jumieges.
St. Regnobert, bishop of Bayeux, his chasuble kept in the cathedral,
  domestic animals blessed on his feast-day.
St. Stephen, church of, at Caen.
St. Stephen, abbey of, at Caen, its privileges
  now used as the college.
St. Stephen, abbey church of, at Caen, described
  formed on the the Roman model
  burial-place of the Conqueror.
St. Taurinus, founder of Evreux cathedral
  his fight with the devil,
  his shrine
  crypt, in which he was buried.
St. Taurinus, abbey of at Evreux
  its privileges
  ancient architecture in the church
St. Vitalis, his feast celebrated annually at Evreux.
St. Ursinus, privileges enjoyed by the Canons, at Lisieux, on his vigil
and feast-day.
Saxons, established about Bayeux, where many words from their language
still exist.
Screens, of rare occurrence in French churches.
Sculpture, in the abbey church of St. Georges de Bocherville,
  in the chapter-house of the same abbey,
  in the abbey church of Jumieges,
  on the capitals in the church at Gournay,
  on a capital in the abbey church at Bernay,
  over the high altar at Bernay,

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